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Open Mike On Nine Yoga Poses That Help You Control Stress And Anxiety

Open Mike On Nine Yoga Poses That Help You Control Stress And Anxiety

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by March 30, 2020 Health and Fitness

Yoga Poses Confinement due to the coronavirus crisis has kept us at home for many days, leaving only for the essentials. This fact can trigger our stress and anxiety levels, when facing a situation in which we have not seen ourselves until now.

Yoga Poses That Help You Control Stress And Anxiety

Yoga Poses That Help You Control Stress And Anxiety

Therefore, carrying out activities that help us manage and regulate this daily stress level can be of great help. Physical activities such as Yoga is a great help to relax. We tell you the best Yoga postures you can do to control daily stress.

The child’s posture favors our relaxation, helping us to relax the back, as well as to unload it. This is a great help when we are going through a time of stress, since it tends to reflect on our back and shoulders. That is why this pose is highly recommended for relaxation routines.

We start on our knees on the mat and spread our knees the same width as our hips. We sit on our heels and, on expiration, we throw our backs forward, reaching with the forehead to the ground. Now we can choose to stretch the arms forward or backward. We can hold this pose for a few seconds, making sure to relax the entire body.

Whether we are already experts, or if we are just starting out in the world of Yoga and seek to practice them to reduce our stress levels, this posture is suitable for us. And it is a simple posture with numerous benefits. We stand upright, with our feet slightly apart and with our backs straight and facing forward. From this position, we raise the arms upwards, forming a straight line with our body and we place the palms facing each other. We must ensure that feet, shoulders and hands stay on the same line.

It is a very useful posture when we are trying to relax since it requires great concentration. This allows us to focus all of our attention on posture and breathing, so that we shift the focus away from our daily concerns, giving our mind room to think only about posture.

Documentaries About Nine Yoga Poses That Help You Control Stress And Anxiety That Will Truly Change The Way You See Nine Yoga Poses That Help You Control Stress And Anxiety

We start from a posture similar to the previous one: standing, with your feet hip-width apart. We fix our sight on a point in front of us and we pass all the weight of our body to the right leg. We raise the left foot and support it on the inner side of the right thigh. We bring the palms together and lift them up together. We hold the pose for a few seconds and change to perform with the other leg

This posture helps us to relax our back, shoulders, neck and head completely, so we will not only help release stress, but it will also help us sleep better. In any case, it is a somewhat more complex posture if we are starting and we do not have the necessary flexibility, so we can start with the half clamp.

To begin, we stand with our feet together. We flex the hip forward and go down until our hands touch the ground. We can place the hands at the sides of the feet or behind the knees. The idea is that our head and neck are very relaxed.

We find ourselves in a very suitable posture to work our breathing and help us to relax little by little, in a way that allows us to free ourselves from stress. Among other things, this is because it is a static stretch that must be maintained while breathing.

This time we start sitting on the floor, with the palms of our hands in front of us. We carry one of our knees bent forward and we stretch the other leg back. We must make sure that the front knee touches the ground. We lower the body a little and when inhaling we raise it upwards with our hands pointing to the sky.

Another ideal posture to relax your back, arms and shoulders is the plow pose. Not only that, but it improves our blood circulation, helping us to rest better and be more relaxed. Of course, we must bear in mind that it is a somewhat more complicated position.

We will have to lie on our backs and place our arms on the sides of our body. We raise the legs so that they form a 90 degree angle with the hips and continue to bring our legs back, until they are behind our head. If possible, we put our feet on the ground. The hip should be just above our shoulders and the weight distributed between the arms, shoulders and toes, never on the neck. In each repetition we try to maintain the posture for a few more seconds.

An ideal posture to work our breathing and that allows us to make a sequence with other simple postures. We begin by sitting on the mat with our backs straight. We flex our knees and bring the soles of our feet together in front of us. We try to bring our feet as close to the groin as we can. Later, we will lower our knees as far as we can to the ground. We stay in this pose for a few seconds, working on the breath. In this way, we will open the hip, but we can also take advantage of it to relax.

It is one of the most used postures to relax and even to practice meditation. It is not surprising that it is one of the most used and well-known postures. It allows us to focus on our breathing and relaxation and encourages us to move away from stress. We start sitting, but this time with our legs crossed. We place each of the feet on the thigh of the opposite leg and keep the sole of the foot facing up. We put the palms of the hands face up on the thighs and put the thumb and index fingers together. We maintain this position as long as we want.

Savasana is one of the postures that most helps relaxation and improves the quality of our sleep. This is because, basically, this is a position created to relax and focus on our body and our breathing. We lie on our backs on the mat and make sure that our neck and head are aligned with our backs and hips. Move your arms slightly away from your body and spread your legs slightly apart. Our muscles must be perfectly relaxed.


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