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Take Advantage Of White Rice In An Express Pot: The Fastest

Take Advantage Of White Rice In An Express Pot: The Fastest

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by April 3, 2020 Health and Fitness

White Rice In An Express Pot When I heard about this recipe I was tremendously skeptical. White rice in an express pot? It can’t go well, I thought. But, of course, I had to try it, and my culinary life changed.

White Rice In An Express Pot The Fastest (And Best) Way To Make

White Rice In An Express Pot The Fastest (And Best) Way To Make

After trying dozens of methods, I still think this is the way white rice works best, at least round type. The beans are loose, and at a perfect point, almost impossible to achieve with other techniques that require longer cooking. And, on top, it is by far the fastest way to cook it.

The only difficulty of this recipe is to respect the times strictly. If we are not careful, the rice can burn us with relative ease. But once the trick is taken, it is a header recipe that you will constantly use. We do not indicate quantities because here everything is a question of proportions: one of rice, one of water. Following this rule, you can make the recipe for as much as can fit in the pot.

White Rice In An Express Pot: The Fastest (And Best) Way To Make The Basic Garnish Reviewed: What Can One Learn From Other’s Mistakes

Pour a jet of olive oil into the pan and heat over medium heat. Add a clove of garlic for each glass of rice and let it brown slightly. When the garlic clove is golden, and the oil flavored, pour the rice, and let it cook for about a minute, stirring all the time. Add a bay leaf (or more if you are going to make a lot of rice), a pinch of salt, and pour the same volume of water as rice.

Immediately close the pot and continue to cook over medium heat until the first ring of the pot appears (or begins to turn the valve, if you are using a conventional pot), something that will happen in less than 5 minutes. At this time remove the pot from the heat and wait for the valve to fully lower.

When you open the pot you will see that there is no trace of water. Stir the rice, let it sit for a minute, and serve immediately. This rice is the perfect garnish for any dish that comes with a white rice or, of course, to make a classic Cuban rice. I love it with Manchego ratatouille, with cod with tomato, or some good cheeks, like the ones in the attached video, but the possibilities are endless.


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