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Whatsapp Already Warns About Blocked Contacts

Whatsapp Already Warns About Blocked Contacts

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by March 26, 2020 Technology

Whatsapp Already Warns About Blocked The instant messaging application has started to enter alerts to indicate which contacts have been blocked

Whatsapp Already Warns About Blocked Contacts To Grow Bigger

Whatsapp Already Warns About Blocked Contacts To Grow Bigger

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application in our country, is suffering a notable upturn in its use by the Spanish, as a result of the situation of confinement caused by the state of alarm.

However, this situation does not prevent the application (whose owner is Facebook) from continuing to incorporate changes and improvements. The last one, a notice that informs about the blocked contacts. A functionality that will be available both for WhatsApp users who have an iPhone and for those who have a mobile but with an Anadorid operating system.

Something Fascinating Happened After Taking Action On These 9 Whatsapp Already Warns About Blocked Contacts Tips

As reported by the portal specialized in this application, WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has added a notification system that informs us if we have blocked one of our contacts, which also allows a simple and abbreviated way to unlock them. In this way, a contact is blocked by mistake, the application will notify us that we have carried out this action and will ask us for a second confirmation step.

When opening a chat with a person that we have blocked, the application will show us a message that says: “You have blocked this contact”. This notice will only be visible to us, and not to the person we have blocked. In addition, within the same screen, the application offers the possibility of unlocking it with the “tap to unlock it” option, which, in turn, will ask us again for confirmation with the “cancel” and “unlock” options.

To know which contacts are blocked on WhatsApp, you need to access the WhatsApp Settings option. Once there, it is necessary to select the “account” option and the “privacy” section.

Within the privacy section we must choose the “blocked” option to know the people who are blocked. Until the introduction of this change, in case you wanted to reverse the block, it was necessary to follow the process described, and then select the number to send the messages to.


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