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Skype Make Video Calls With A Link And Without Registering

Skype Make Video Calls With A Link And Without Registering

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by April 7, 2020 Technology

Using Skype It faces competition from services such as Zoom or Houseparty, very popular since the confinements began.

Using Skype Already Allows To Make Video Calls With A Link And

Using Skype Already Allows To Make Video Calls With A Link And

Skype has ‘given in’ and has finally announced a novelty with which to compete with Zoom and Houseparty: it is no longer necessary to have an account in the service to make video calls with more people. In fact, it will be possible to generate a link to enter a conference without having to be registered or have downloaded the application.

To do it you just have to enter this link and create a free meeting. This will generate a link that can be shared and open the Skype application on the device it reaches, although it will not be necessary to be registered or have an account for it. In the case of not having the app, the web version of the service will be opened in the browser (at the moment, yes, it is only compatible with Edge and Chrome).

Regarding the functions, although it does not have tools such as the Zoom background change, it does allow blurring, in addition to recording the call or sharing the screen. On the other hand, the meeting does not have an expiration date, so it is possible to share a link and meet at a specific time.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Skype Already Allows To Make Video Calls With A Link And Without Registering And Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

Microsoft will thus try to regain a throne, that of video calls, which was always his, but from which he never seemed to be very clear about what he should do. Constant design changes, absolute integration (to later abandon the tool for Teams) and redundant and even cameos -with phrase; It was impossible to ignore them – on Xbox and Windows Phone they went through a story that started with a $ 8.5 billion check.

All this, together with the arrival of similar functions from Google (Hangouts) and Facebook (both on their social network and on WhatsApp) ended up making the service lose the popularity that it gives you to be a concept like Kleenex or Bimbo bread. We still do Skype, yes, but it’s rarely with this app.

Now the company had a magnificent opportunity – as a result of a terrible situation, yes – to regain a foothold, but it had to see how two rivals, Zoom and Houseparty, prevailed in the first weeks of the confinement forced by the coronavirus.

With his fame also came security concerns. Zoom came to be discouraged by the U.S. Army or the Defense Ministry from the Boris Johnson Government. The CEO of the company had to apologize for all its flaws and stop the development of new functions to focus on correcting its security flaws. For its part, Houseparty was the victim of an alleged hack that the company denied and attributed to a smear campaign.


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