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Things People Hate About Tips To Control Anxiety If You’re Unemployed

Things People Hate About Tips To Control Anxiety If You’re Unemployed

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by April 12, 2020 News

Today Tips When a person loses his job and becomes unemployed, he is under a lot of pressure: how to tell this news to the family? How to face the payment of bills? How to find a new job? The answer to these questions when a person is unemployed generates a great emotional impact that increases the risk of suffering psychological problems such as depression and anxiety, as indicated by research E-Motion Lab of the Faculty of Psychology of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Today Tips To Control Anxiety If You re Unemployed

Today Tips To Control Anxiety If You re Unemployed

According to the preliminary results, significant levels of depressive symptomatology are detected in 46% and anxiety in 54% of those evaluated,” explains Angela Socastro, member of the team of this research. Furthermore, 50% of the study participants have low or very low levels of well-being and up to 36% say they have no control over how to handle the stress caused by being unemployed.

In this context, the team of researchers led by Professor Álvaro Sánchez-López has developed the ADAPT project: a mobile application with the aim of promoting the mental health of unemployed people. “For this, the mobile application, EmoApp, has been developed, in which people who have recently lost their jobs (2 months or less) can monitor their stress experiences and perceived control over them, their levels of motivation, on a daily basis, the coping strategies they have used to respond to daily difficulties, as well as their emotional state as a result of these, “Sánchez-López details.

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This expert indicates that the study through this app is “aimed at precisely establishing the different coping mechanisms that help both prevent and manage the appearance of depressive and / or anxious symptoms and favor the reemployment of people who they have started an unemployment situation.

This application already available has as future objectives the creation of new tools to promote mental health among this population. “It will allow us to establish adequate online and face-to-face prevention and intervention programs for unemployed people with different types of problems and needs, these programs being personalized, adjusted to the needs and resources of each individual case,” says Sánchez -Lopez.

“People between 25 and 55 years old, who have been unemployed for two months or less and who had previously been working more or less stable in 2019, who are interested in participating in the study, can contact our team through the email [email protected] or phone 623 269 187 ”, Socastro points out. All the indications resulting from this project will not only be passed on to health professionals, but will be evaluated to carry out improvement actions that contribute to reintegration into the labor market.

Negative thoughts and the appearance of stress are the first signs that we must act to prevent other problems such as anxiety and depression. For this, the psychologist Socastro recommends the following actions: First of all, if you have any symptoms, contact a professional. “They will help you better understand the dynamics of development and maintenance of your problems and teach you strategies to be able to handle yourself efficiently within the situation and environment in which you live,” he highlights.

Given the stress and anguish that can be experienced when you lose your job, it is “important to also strengthen family and friendship relationships that can prevent the feeling of loneliness or isolation. Go to both the INEM offices and the rest of the municipal employment and social services organizations to receive advice on jobs, profiles, courses and volunteer programs. In relation to the previous point, Socastro advises “promoting activity to prevent feelings of disability or worthlessness and maintain adequate levels of motivation.”


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