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Government Will Decide The Delay Of Taxes To Smes And Self-Employed

Government Will Decide The Delay Of Taxes To Smes And Self-Employed

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by April 12, 2020 News

The Government Montero anticipates that he is working to postpone payment until May 20 and that the measure will be decided in the next Councils. The next one is celebrated on the 14th, and the limit for direct debit is 15.

The Government Will Decide The Delay Of Taxes To Smes And

The Government Will Decide The Delay Of Taxes To Smes And

The Government is “working to extend the deadlines for the presentation of tax obligations for SMEs and the self-employed” and that in this way “they do not have to present them on an obligatory basis in April.” The new term, as explained by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, in the press conference after the Council of Ministers, will run until May 20. But the measure has not yet been approved, and will be discussed in “next councils”, which leaves practically no margin for action for self-employed workers and small and medium-sized companies.

In the present month of April, the quarterly payment of VAT, withholding of personal income tax and the fractioning of companies must be paid, payments for which the term is from May 1 to 20. However, the period for direct debit payments ends five days before the general due date, and this is the most common payment method. If the measure were approved in the Council next Tuesday, it would be done just one day before the indicated term for domiciliation expires. And what’s more, the processing by the Government would take place on April 14, but its publication in the Official State Gazette (BOE) would not take place until the same day 15.

“It is improvisation and little responsibility. They will decide it on Tuesday the 14th in the Council of Ministers and it will be published on April 15 in the BOE, which is the last day of the domiciliation period. And if it is not domiciled, it is necessary to go to a collaborating entity , the Post Office or the Tax Agency. You can also pay with a mobile phone with a reader, but not all the self-employed have access to one, so it is usually necessary to go outside with this option, “they explain from the National Federation of Self-Employed Workers. (ATA).

Marriage And The Government Will Decide The Delay Of Taxes To Smes And Self-Employed Just One Day Before The End Have More In Common Than You Think

To all this must be added that they are taxes that are already being paid because the term, as noted, began on April 1 and there will be SMEs and self-employed who have already paid them. For all these reasons, it will be a measure that takes place late and will give a very limited scope for action. And all this, despite the fact that advisers, economists and even the Ombudsman have requested it from Montero on numerous occasions.

Along with this action, the minister has indicated that she also plans to approve that the self-employed and SMEs can renounce the module system and be taxed by the direct estimation system, as well as “some modification” in what refers to Corporation Tax.

Government spokeswoman and Finance Minister, María Jesús Montero, also stated on Friday that the Government has an “absolute and continuous” relationship with the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) in many areas of social dialogue and also at the sectoral level , and added that it takes it into account, reports Europa Press.

“A great national pact in the country would not be possible without the assistance of one of the most important parties” such as the business confederation, Montero said when asked about the anger of the employers, who yesterday issued a harsh statement in the who complained that they had not had the CEOE for the design of the minimum vital income and accused Vice President Iglesias of being “interested manipulation”.


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