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Best Yoga Channels On Youtube To Train At Home Exposed

Best Yoga Channels On Youtube To Train At Home Exposed

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by April 7, 2020 Health and Fitness

The Best Yoga Channels On Youtube One of the advantages of practicing Yoga, and that we especially appreciate these days, is that it can be done from our home without the need for much space or material. In addition, it will help us relax, gain flexibility and stretch our muscles. Something very necessary in situations like the current one in which we spend so much time sitting.

The Best Yoga Channels On Youtube To Train At Home

The Best Yoga Channels On Youtube To Train At Home

However, we may need some help to know exactly what to do – especially if we are beginners. Therefore, we can follow some of the most important Yoga channels on Youtbe in a way that helps us in practice.

During these days, from Vitónica we are trying to offer all the possible tools through all our channels so that you can get a training adapted to you and your needs. Both here, and through our Instagram profile, you can follow workouts that can be done at home without the need for material and in very little space.

But it doesn’t end here. On our YouTube channel we have numerous trainings that we can take advantage of these days. Of course, we will also find numerous Asana routines and trainings step by step to help us in our Yoga practice. In it we can find videos that help us start from scratch, discovering what type of Yoga suits us best, routines for beginners, asanas for work different parts of the body and even test classes with different practices.

If there is a Yoga teacher known in our country, that is Xuan Lan. Not only because she was a teacher in Operación Triunfo, but also because she is the author of one of the best-known Yoga blogs in our country, she also has a book and, of course, her YouTube channel.

In this channel we can find very different and varied routines for the practice of Yoga. In the playlists we will find options for beginners, meditation-focused practice, Yoga classes of about 30 minutes, one-on-one asana practice, etc. In addition, during these days, Xuan Lan is conducting live online classes through her YouTube channel, so we can practice at the same time as her as if it were a live class.

Top 13 Most Embarrassing Videos Of All Time About Yoga In Your Living Room: The Best Yoga Channels On Youtube To Train At Home

Although Elena is Russian by birth, she lives in Chile, and her YouTube account all the videos are in Spanish. She is a personal trainer and a yogi who shares her knowledge through YouTube and her blog. The difference that Elena’s channel has compared to others is that it has different practices and numerous options depending on what we are searching. Whether we need a quick routine in less than 15 minutes to start the day, or practice a type of Yoga that is somewhat more active, we seek to relax or activate or simply gain flexibility, Elena Malova has an option for us. In addition, we will also find fitness exercises, in case we want to complete our activity.

Marina is a Yoga teacher, trained in India and an instructor of Hatha Yoga Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Prenatal Yoga. In addition, although she lives in the Netherlands, she offers workshops in different cities of our country, but also shows her knowledge on her Yoga channel.

It has very complete options: from tutorials to learn how to do specific postures, going through class, practices to achieve different goals, to Yoga practice with children or in the case of pregnancy. In addition, it has videos based on our level and very good explanations of the news it includes.

One of the most followed Yoga channels on YouTube is Adriene’s. Currently, the channel of this actress, writer and teacher of Yoga and Mindfulness has more than six million followers. And so many people cannot be wrong.

The first thing to keep in mind is that this channel is entirely in English, so we must have some command of the language to be able to follow it. In any case, most videos have the option to have YouTube automatically translate into the language of your choice. And, although the translation is not always absolutely correct, this option, together with the possibility of following Adriene’s movements, will make our task much easier.

As for the type of content that we can find, it is a very complete channel. Adriene has playlists for practicing Yoga in almost any situation that we can think of. Either to practice during the break from work, to relieve specific tensions, or even 30-day routines to start practicing at home.

In the case of this channel, the same happens with the previous one, and it is in English. However, it is one of the most recommended Yoga channels – with half a million followers -, among other things because of its completeness. One of the things that we like the most is the challenges that we can find (in the lists of reproductions we can find and follow them all). This channel has 30-day challenges for beginners, Hatha Yoga challenges, etc. We will also find routines based on the time we want to invest – from 10 to 60 minutes.

Something that almost all the previous channels have in common is that we can find many basic videos to get started and lists made for beginners. In the Kino McGregor channel we will also find videos for beginners, but it has the advantage of having specific routines also for people of intermediate and advanced level. In addition, we will also find small challenges that will help us achieve progress in our practice, such as learning to do the posture of the handstand or the clamp.


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