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The Brutal Test Of Survivors 2020 That Almost Ended In Tragedy

The Brutal Test Of Survivors 2020 That Almost Ended In Tragedy

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by March 31, 2020 Sports

Test Of Survivors 2020 Last night Survivors 2020 was played in one of the toughest tests in the history of reality. A terrible test in which the contestants suffered a true torture, and that could end in a real disgrace. My legs are still shaking

Test Of Survivors 2020 That Almost Ended In Tragedy

Test Of Survivors 2020 That Almost Ended In Tragedy

It was a long, long time ago that a test of Survivors 2020 was not played as it was played last night in Survivors 2020: Honduras Connection. I admit that last night I was screaming again on TV as if I were next to Lara Álvarez from the tension generated by seeing the contestants literally leaving their skin in a test that could be very expensive for Survivors 2020. Much luck had the reality that nothing happened to any of the contestants, although there was a moment that I believed that one ended up being evacuated. My mother, my mother, my mother!

“Pull it, pull it, pull it!” Were my screams as I saw the evidence whose name I don’t want to remember, but which reminded me of the so-called torture rack in which the accused was tied hand and foot to a kind of connected board to a turning lathe and for each turn it made, the lathe pulled the limbs in different directions. Horrifying. Yes, as is, a torture rack was the test last night in which the contestants faced each other, according to their weight, tied to the same corporal. The limbs ached even to me.

The test was as simple as it was terrible. Three contestants or two were tied to a rope by the same rope, each one had to pull swords placed on the outside of the circle in which they were, the one who took the swords one by one and placed them in other circles, Also placed outside the circle, he would be the winner of a test whose reward was to sleep one night in a bed and receive the following morning a breakfast consisting of coffee with milk, toast, butter and jam. And I swear, after seeing how fucked up the test was, I have to say that for what the contestants were left in the arena, the reward was not up to scratch.

Eight minutes was the time they had to try to reach the swords, if after that time no one had succeeded, Lara Álvarez went with her meter and measured the distance between the place where each contestant had stayed and their swords.

Thus counted it seems that the test was one more, without much complication, but you have to see the images of all the contestants pulling each other, crawling on the sand, eating dirt as if there was no tomorrow, holding on like real titans trying reach the swords by dragging the weight of your other two companions, while they also pull to reach their swords. All this subject to harnesses that dug into the skin and extremities in a terrifying way. I swear goosebumps.

Just listen to the screams of Ana María Aldón, who was about to give a scare and a big fat to Survivientes 2020, or those of Hugo Sierra, or those of Fani, begging them to stop pulling in the face of the damage that was being done to the hip , or those of José Antonio Avilés asking that the test be stopped because he could not bear it, or Jorge, drawing strength from where he did not have it trying that Avilés did not drag him through the sand without mercy, or Rocío Flores fighting against Fani and Elena with a strength that has not been seen in the entire edition … It was, speaking in silver, the test host.

Listening to them scream in pain, pleading for them to stop, asking Lara Álvarez with practically no strength how much time was left for this to end, seeing how with practically no strength they left everything they had in a being to reach the swords and get the reward was a demonstration that this edition is an edition of authentic boars. Since the 2017 edition of Survivors in that test of the wheel that turned with the contestants hanging like hams, and which, by the way, won by Sofía Suescun, she did not remember such a terrible test.

The screams of Ana María Aldón, who confronted Yiya and Ivana Icardi, begging in pain for this to stop and holding the attacks, anchored in the ground, especially by Yiya, were terrifying. “Aaaahhhh, let go, let go, please! He is doing me a lot of damage! He is doing me a lot of damage! Stop, stop!” Screamed Ana María Aldón, while Lara Álvarez asked her if she wanted to stop the test, if she He was fine, while she held back tears of pain. Such was the tension and pain that Ana María Aldón’s legs trembled from the tension and strength that Ortega Cano’s wife was doing to maintain the position.

Such was the effort that the program’s doctor had to help her at the end of the test to verify that she had not been damaged and that everything was correct, but Ana María Aldón’s face of pain was the sample of what the test had meant. Screams, screams and more screams of pain was what was heard during the tests of the three fighters, while the rest of their helpless beach companions were unable to articulate a word before the suffering of their companions.

The same happened to Nyno Vargas, Antonio Pavón and Hugo Sierra, the latter being the one who suffered the most during the test, shrieking as if it were more of a slaughter than a reward test. The same as Elena and Fani, who allied themselves against Rocío Flores to try not to reach the swords, but who could not with the force that Rocío Jurado’s granddaughter took out and Elena ended up changing her strategy and chose to help her in the end so that he could reach for his swords, while Fani stirred in pain and asked the organization to stop the test, unable to bear the damage she was suffering from her hip.

The same as José Antonio Avilés and Jorge, where the collaborator of Viva la vida surprisingly drew incredible forces and using his arms to force himself – a strategy that should not have been allowed – dragged Jorge as if he were tied by a runaway horse, while the latter defended himself with teeth and teeth, anchoring himself to the ground and withstanding the pulls of his companions. The same as Ferre and Barranco, who fought like beasts with each other, without an iota of mercy before the pain of their partner.

An authentic test pass through which the Survivors 2020 doctor had to intervene several times to attend to the contestants and that, although it did not seem that any suffered any injury, it has probably left them more than touched. It should be borne in mind that there are already many weeks in the contest, that the forces are beginning to run low, that the food is fair, that the test is done in full sun and that none, and when I say none, gave in or gave up on losing the test, despite the suffering they suffered.

It gave me so much anguish to see them that I was anchored in the chair with a tension almost like that suffered by Lara Álvarez clearly overwhelmed by what I was seeing. A brutal test that could have ended perfectly in tragedy, as happened last year with Nicolás Vallejo-Nájera, when his shoulder was dislocated when he was crushed by a heavy ball during one of the tests.

Gambling for gambling, to keep ourselves unmoved in front of the television, holding our breath, scared, even if the thing is not enough for someone to have to be evacuated or suffer some mishap. In summary, last night Survivors 2020 was on the limit, it was played, while the contestants gave a lesson in survival, strength, competitiveness and everything, I have no words.

Such was the proof that nothing else was already important, and look, since the unification has taken place, the thing is burning in Survivors 2020. Everyone promised them very happy when on Thursday Jorge Javier Vázquez announced that it was taking place the unification of the two teams. Poor innocent souls! The presence of José Antonio Avilés is like having the pump at home and not knowing when the countdown will start. You may love Avilés as a contestant, because without a doubt if there is a spark in this edition it is because of him, but there comes a point that his plots, his films, his harmful strategies are already too Machiavellian.

The journalist’s obsession with undermining the morale of the strongest and wanting to leave the entire beach at the feet of horses is already becoming unhealthy. He does not care if it is his colleague, his support or his strong point in Survivors 2020, he in order to provoke a new row does whatever. He does not respect or be loyal to any of those who are supposed to be his friends. Neither Rocío Flores, nor Fani, nor Sursum Corda. He goes to his and his thing is to want to take all his companions one by one, the weaker they are morally, the stronger he becomes.

The images of Fani suffering a kind of syncope and being helped and accompanied by the only two people with whom the relationship is not a good thing, Elena and Jorge, especially the latter, while José Antonio Avilés ignored himself as if he believed that everything was a paripé of the former Island of temptations, were the reflection of whom José Antonio Avilés. He, who seemed to have made a clash with Fani and Rocío Flores, was leaving one of them, as is, in one of the worst moments on the island. Neither partner nor friend and if you hurry me very little humanity.

Fraud, Deceptions, And Downright Lies About The Brutal Test Of Survivors 2020 That Almost Ended In Tragedy Exposed

But it was not only Fani, it was also Barranco, who ate the head to make him believe that Ferre and Jorge were playing it, when in fact who is really playing it is Avilés. Aviles invents things as long as there are confrontations, and the worst thing is that he does not get off the donkey or show him images or have to swallow his words three by three.

Last night, the move came because after a nightly conversation between Avilés and Barranco, the first one concludes that Barranco has told him that in the case of having to choose between Jorge and Elena, he would nominate Elena. Nor does the journalist take 24 hours to run to Elena and reveal that conversation in which Barranco never said that he would nominate Elena. Twice the organization put the images and on both times it was perfectly clear that Barranco said that it would not know who to nominate.

But that does not matter to Avilés. He sows the seed of hatred and if I have seen you I do not remember. And the worst thing is that although he has already been proven several times that he is a liante, a metemierda and a liar, everyone continues to believe and trust his lies. It didn’t take Elena half a second to ask for explanations from Barranco, who is starting to be up to the fig of this half-haired Game of Thrones. As Elena is not much of losing the papers, Avilés already loses them for her lighting and facing the entire island. To Jorge, to Barranco, to Elena, to Rocío Flores … All against all because of Avilés, who then always comes out victorious, while the others remain a real prank.

But it does not matter, he approaches Elena to confront her with Barranco, and within hours he is hooking up with her; she gets close to Rocío Flores and swears loyalty to him – for the interest I love you Andrés – and when it suits her, she ends up having her with her; he gets close to Fani and the next morning he is skinning her with the rest of his companions; he gets close to Barranco, and immediately he rides a Watergate. Avilés does not care eight to 80, he is clear that his role is what he is, that of provocateur, that of old man with the net curtain, that of agitator, that of inciter, and he does not care. The more the better, you must think. But they will end up hunting him and he will end up being swallowed up by his own strategy.

It is all the same to him. It has turned Survivors 2020 into a kind of Save me from trouble and palatial plots, where it has room for everyone, for those who are and for those who are not. Last night it was Sofia Suescun’s turn. Yes, according to Avilés, Kiko Jiménez, boyfriend of Sofía Suescún, has been unfaithful to him with a “friend” of Linares. “Ask him if he knows the Bar El Jamón, in Linares, which has a friend. Two and a half months ago it was … If I told you. Your mother doesn’t want it and when Galdeano doesn’t want it, it’s for something,” he said. Cristian, brother of Sofía Suescun, in one of his last conversations before he was expelled last Thursday.

But with Sofía Suescun he has come across. The winner of Survivors 2020 made it very clear that what Aviles is is that he is “a compulsive liar”. And he is absolutely right. He likes being the protagonist of everything so much, that he does not mind discrediting himself or remaining as the mayors. And there is still a lot of island to make things worse. It remains for the contestants to discover Desvalida beach and to meet again with the comrades who they believe have been expelled, and then, Avilés will be reunited with Yiya, and then last night’s test will seem like a walk in the clouds.


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