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Get Rid Of Supernatural Season 14 For Good

Get Rid Of Supernatural Season 14 For Good

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by April 21, 2020 Entertainment News

supernatural season 14 will arrive next fall, but this time there will be fewer chapters. Of course, we can expect episode 300 to be very special.

Supernatural Season 14 Is Your Worst Enemy 11 Ways To Defeat It

Supernatural Season 14 Is Your Worst Enemy 11 Ways To Defeat It

Supernatural ‘will face its season 14 from next fall and it does not seem that the chain The CW intends to end the series soon because the audience continues to accompany. Only its protagonists, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, have the key to close the fiction when they feel that they have completed their cycle, but at the moment they want to continue.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Supernatural Season 14 And Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

Although, yes, they have chosen that season 14 has only 20 episodes, being the shortest to date (they used to have between 22 and 24). “The decision comes when Jared and I sat down to talk about what we wanted to do and if we wanted to continue. Our motives are not the ones that usually come up in these kinds of conversations.

It’s not about ‘I want more money’, ‘I want one more trailer big ‘or’ I want this or that ‘. Our conversation is about quality of life. We both have families and we talk about how we can make the balance between work and personal life a little bit better. Doing a couple of fewer episodes gives us almost an extra month, because a two and a half month break goes by very quickly, “Jensen Ackles told TV Line.

Season 14, in addition, will be a milestone for the series since it will go until episode 300. “Episode 100 was very honest and 200 went in the opposite direction because it was very meta-referential and spoke of the series itself. For 300, we want to do something halfway between each other, “said coshowrunner Andrew Dabb. “The idea we are working on is that Sam and Dean, for years, have lived in a bunker, which is in a place called Lebanon, Kansas, which is a real city, a very small city.

We have never seen Lebanon in the series We’ve never seen what people in town think about these two guys. At the dry cleaner you should think: “They have a lot of blood on their clothes. What’s going on there? “So episode 300 becomes: How do these people see Sam and Dean? We think it could be a love letter to the series, in what we hope will be a very comforting formula. .with a murder. Something moving with a murder. “


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