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spotify web player : guide, features and

spotify web player : guide, features and

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by May 16, 2020 Sports

Spotify Web Player is a web page where you can listen to Spotify music in the browser without having to download a dedicated application on your hard drive. Spotify is a service that allows you to play millions of songs directly from the Internet without having to download them to disk. Resource services find both popular songs and well-known music bands. The browser version is a fully functional website that can successfully replace the Spotify desktop client. To use the Spotify Web player you must have an account with the Spotify service (free or paid).

spotify web player guide features and everything to listen to music

Spotify web player guide features and everything to listen to music

The Spotify Web Player service is simple and does not differ from its classic version for Windows. On the left side of the interface is a toolbar that offers navigation menus. The menu option allows you to search for songs, browse the news, create and listen to custom radio stations, and use the playlist.

Spotify Web: guide, features, and everything to listen to music …

“Search” is used to search for songs by track name, artist, album, or playlist. Just enter the keywords, and Spotify Web Player will show you all the search results. The results found can be sorted by name, song, artist, album, or popularity. Double-click the selected track to play it.

The program can create playlists or song lists. The lists can be thematic (for example, music events), or can consist of songs by artist. To create a playlist you have to go to the “Playlists” and then in the playlist we must select “New playlist” and give it the desired name. Adding songs to a playlist is easy – when the selected track is played, the icon with three dots is displayed. That is, the Spotify Web Player context menu for the song is displayed, in which you must click “Add to …” and then our newly created playlist will be shown in the menu.

One of the most interesting features of Spotify service is to create custom radio stations based on the selected song or artist. Spotify analyzes our song (or the artist or album), and it will create an endless list of songs with the same musical style. This allows us to quickly and easily discover new music. To create a custom radio station, go to “Radio” in the sidebar and then select “Create a new radio station.”


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