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World’s Most Unusual Sleep And Tiredness In Pregnancy

World’s Most Unusual Sleep And Tiredness In Pregnancy

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by March 6, 2020 Health and Fitness

Sleep And Tiredness In Pregnancy The future mother may feel more pronounced fatigue than usual, especially if she is in the first trimester. Is it normal to be so sleepy?

Sleep And Tiredness In Pregnancy Secrets You Never Knew

Sleep And Tiredness In Pregnancy Secrets You Never Knew

During pregnancy, hormonal change, stress and body changes make sleeping more complicated. And, especially at the beginning of pregnancy, it is normal to have the need to sleep a lot. The “fault” is of progesterone, a fundamental hormone for the good progress of pregnancy, but that alters night rest. During the day, it causes asthenia, weakness and drowsiness such that it causes the future mother to have to take small naps, so that she arrives at night without the natural tiredness that makes her fall asleep.

The True Story About Sleep And Tiredness In Pregnancy That The Experts Don’t Want You To Know

In addition, progesterone causes nausea and vomiting, and slow and difficult digestion does not help to relax once in bed. The increased volume of the uterus accentuates the stimulation of urination and also forces the mother to get up often. Nighttime insomnia during pregnancy is a “side effect” typical of pregnancy, and indicates that everything is on the right track and that you only need to find new rhythms and balances. However, it can be fought.

Maintain a good sleep-wake rhythm. You have to adapt to daytime sleepiness, resting when you feel the need, but without decompensing the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness: sleeping four or five hours means not being able to sleep at night, spend a night in white and have difficulty being awake during the day, entering a vicious circle.

Bet on a balanced and light dinner. To mitigate digestive problems, it is important to consume light and frequent meals, giving preference to proteins at night and respecting an interval of two to three hours between dinner and the time to go to bed.

The antacid posture. To combat gastroesophageal reflux, the semi-incorporated position can work. Putting a pair of cushions under the back keeps the trunk tilted at about 45ยบ from the mattress. But, if the disorder were unbearable, the gynecologist could prescribe a stomach protective drug.


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