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How Much Do You Charge For Mega Drive Mini: This Is The Best Miniature Console

How Much Do You Charge For Mega Drive Mini: This Is The Best Miniature Console

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by August 13, 2019 Technology

Sega Mega Drive Mini pulls nostalgia and, above all, a spectacular catalog of 42 games, more than double what rivals offer. When Nintendo launched its NES Mini, the expectation was so great that it ran out and it was difficult to get it for a while. Super Nintendo Mini, meanwhile, was more of the same, but without stock problems, while PlayStation Classic was quite disappointing, partly because of a mediocre catalog.

Therefore, Mega Drive Mini, the commitment of Sega for this increasingly populated market that mixes nostalgia and entertainment, has part of the path taken, but also comes at a time when the novelty has been passed and judged in a way Much harder these consoles. After all, they are still nothing more than an emulator in a beautiful body (in Europe it will go on sale on October 4 (somewhat later than the rest of the world) for 79.99 euros), but for a somewhat high price that makes people wonder mainly one thing: is it worth it?

Sega Mega Drive Mini Is Finally Coming To The Market This September

Sega Mega Drive Mini Is Finally Coming To The Market This September

The answer, for those who want to save the rest of these impressions, is a resounding yes. The catalog is spectacular (it was impossible to test the 42 games at the time we spent with it) and the console behaves as expected. Nor is it that we demand much at the level of performance, but it is important to measure up.

42 is a very large number. Mathematicians will know that it is exactly between 41 and 43, while galactic hitchhikers will know that it is the meaning of life, the universe and everything else. In the case at hand, the important thing is that it is twice (literally) what the competition offers.

Anyway, the quantity is of no use if it does not involve at least a little quality. Let them tell the PlayStation Classic, which classics had the name and three or four games. The rest, mediations and absences; geometry and anguish. Luckily, Mega Drive Mini has a catalog that besides being wide is successful. There are absences, yes, but even in the best parties people are missing. Whoever wants to be able to spend tens of hours without a problem and, in the worst case, each game comes out just under two euros.

Thus, in the list we find games such as Sonic the Hedgehog (obviously), Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (also obvious), Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball (this is already passed), Ecco the Dolphin, Castlevania: The New Generation, Comix Zone, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, Streets of Rage 2, Golden Ax, Earthworm Jim, Road Rash II, Virtua Fighter 2 or Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition. The best? There are 29 more.

All of them appear in a menu where you can see the covers or the song, an option that is more a wink than something really useful. What is practical is the possibility of ordering them alphabetically, by year of release, by gender or, above all, by number of players.

In the main menu there are also other options, such as the language or the background that will be seen on the screen (the games are adapted to the monitors of the time, closer to 4: 3, so you have to fill in the gaps that they remain on the sides in a world that is generally seen in 16: 9).

For the rest, the experience is almost identical to the one lived almost three decades ago, with the only novelty that now the console occupies less space and that it is not necessary to introduce the games in the slot. The power button and the reset button do work, but the volume button is also there to remember a past time.

The controls that arrive with the Mega Drive Mini are the three-button, although the six are also available separately. Those who played at the time may retain muscle memory; Those who face this provision for the first time or who have spent too much time with four-button controllers may have problems at first.

The controllers are made of plastic, with a cable that in principle should be long enough, although it will depend on each room. His body seems robust and the only downside is the size, somewhat exaggerated. Sega wanted to imitate the original controls, but nothing would have happened if they had also received the Mini treatment.

Without leaving the gameplay, the huge catalog of this Mini has a problem – small, but noteworthy – that its rivals also have: they assume that users will know how to play. It is true that they are quite affordable titles, but if at the time they were accompanied by an instruction booklet it was for something.

In general, all movements are intuitive and there is nothing that can not be solved by giving air controllers or jumping without a ton or even before entering the subject. However, there are some games in which this has a negative and notable impact on the experience. In Street Fighter, for example, each button corresponds to a type of punch (soft, medium or strong) and to release kicks you have to press the Start button.

This button, by the way, doesn’t just pause the game; It is also the one that activates the Mega Drive Mini menu. By holding it down it is possible to save the game (at any time) and return to the beginning. Once there, you have to choose between the other 41 games to take a while. And for that, foolish times, there is no miniature console better than the Mega Drive Mini, which eats the competition with a very simple mathematical formula: 42 is more than 20. Much more.


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