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Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals Roadmap Overview

Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals Roadmap Overview

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by June 24, 2020 Entertainment News

It’s time to start playing Destiny 2, as the game’s new season of arrivals brings in a whole new gear. From three major new dropships to new perks and weapons, Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals is sure to keep players occupied until the game’s official release date on September 9th. Before you hit the ground running, however, there are some basics you should know about the new update.

Season Of Arrivals - Are You Prepared For A Good Thing

Season Of Arrivals – Are You Prepared For A Good Thing

The first of these comes in the form of the introduction of the Sparrow – the first of the new dropship story missions. Players will be tasked with finding and retrieving the mysterious black box from the tail of the Vanguard ship. For the next few days, players will have to complete this mission for each of the two main dropships in their possession, the Comet, and the Ghost.

Then, they’ll have to find and deliver the jade amulet to the third dropship, the Leviathan. After all this, players must reassemble the previous two before boarding the ship for the third act of the story, the Reef. The Oceanic mobile elite’s main weapon is a long-range sniper rifle that packs quite a punch.

There are also three new activities in the form of new Master and Expert Challenges for players to complete, including one called “Complete Special Ops”. The objective of this challenge is to kill all of the three patrols in a fixed amount of time. There are three challenges available; two for the Ghost and one for the Leviathan.

The True Story About Season Of Arrivals That The Experts Don’t Want You To Know

One new piece of gear that can be used is the Bountiful Pockets Plasmid. The item description reads, “Purchased with Fate Points.” You’ll need to collect the required number of Fate Points to use this Plasmid. Once you’re done, you’ll get access to the new exotic gadget – the Pocket Infinity.

This will make it easier to get upgrades for your current Exotic equipment. We’d advise waiting to equip this item for a while, especially if you’ve been investing lots of money into gear in the past. As a rule of thumb, get the Infinity first, and only then equip this new item.

Next up, there are two new Strikes in the form of Nightfall and Iron Banner. Each of these is available on the map of Earth, or you can choose to play on Venus. Both versions of these new Strikes are set to reward high-level players with extremely powerful weapons.

They include the Ascendant armor set, the Epoch armor set, and the Supreme armor set. When these items are equipped, they increase your character’s level cap by one. Finally, the next class set for Destiny is the Dawnblade set, which increases your resource generation and health.

All of these outfits can be found in Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals inventory. You’ll find them in loot chests around the world, as well as on the new Faction armor in the vault. The vaults for each faction have limited quantities, so it’s best to stock up.

Finally, there’s the new Radiant Armor Set, which has been designed by a member of the Taken Army known as Jason Victor. This is the new Warlock’s first piece of armor, and we know that the Worldbreaker set was first introduced to the universe’s servers in Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below. The two sets feature an alternate color scheme that doesn’t clash with the existing colors of Destiny’s armor sets.

Next up, there are two new Firefight Achievements, as well as two new quests in the form of Queen’s Wrath and The Fallen Trail. These quests involve helping out characters from each of the factions who’ve fallen to the Taken army. The ultimate objective here is to help them take back their lands and set things right again.

Decked out in their latest gear, players will begin to see other Taken forces starting to attack Earth. These figures include the Hive, the Vex, and the Cabal. Taken’s goal is to set Earth as their next target.


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