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Top 20 Quotes On Psychological Horror Movies

Top 20 Quotes On Psychological Horror Movies

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by May 20, 2020 Entertainment News

Psychological Horror Movies Ready to be a little scared? Take the sofa cushion very tightly and wrap yourself in the best blanket you have: if you are looking for strong emotions in the Netflix catalog, we offer you some psychological thriller stories that will not leave you indifferent. From the purest tale of fear to more complex proposals, here we extract the best of the catalog.

Psychological Horror Movies With The Help Of Your Dog

Psychological Horror Movies With The Help Of Your Dog

Perfection (2019)

A tape that plunges us fully into a musical universe in which nothing is what it seems. Jealousy, revenge and many dark secrets are hidden in this movie starring Allison Williams (Let Me Out).

The Hole (2020)

A clear metaphor for today’s society that will keep you hooked until its bewildering end. Set in a dystopian future, the film takes place on a multi-level platform where two people per floor coexist.

I am the pretty creature that lives in this house (2016)

Before filming ‘Gretel & Hansel‘, Oz Perkins gave us this film starring Ruth Wilson and Lucy Boynton. A thriller that is simmering that the most staunch of the most authorial cinema will love.

Clinical (2017)

Vinessa Shaw plays a psychiatrist who tries to resume her life after suffering a violent attack by a patient. Fans of suspenseful science fiction are in luck.

The Wellness Cure (2017)

Gore Verbinski transports us in this disturbing thriller to an institution full of treatments that we would not want to try and many secrets. In addition, it has some planes full of visual beauty.

The Ritual (2017)

In a film that seems to pay tribute to the well-known ‘The Blair Witch Project‘, with the wanderings of its protagonists through a dark forest, it is another most interesting element of the show: the trauma and guilt of its protagonist ( Rafe Spall). His hallucinations give the psychological touch to this brilliant film, which also has the occasional scare up its sleeve.

Don’t breathe (2016)

Fede Alvarez puts us squarely in the house of a blind man with many secrets to hide in his second feature film. The worst thing is that the three protagonists, a small group of thieves, did not expect to find a trap inside which they will have a difficult time escaping.

Gerald’s Game (2017)

Stephen King only needs a woman in a nightgown, handcuffs, and a bed to craft a psychological horror story at the height of his best works. And Mike Flanagan only needs to pull his wits to transfer it to the screen. The result is this original Netflix production, one of the best from last year.

Veronica (2017)

Yes, this Paco Plaza movie is about ouijas and diabolical possessions, but also about the fears of female adolescence represented in the brilliant performance of Sandra Escacena. Although on the outside it may seem like another movie about demonic possessions, deep down there is a psychological journey that will hardly come to fruition for its protagonist.

Blind (2018)

This post-apocalyptic ‘survival’ directed by Susanne Bier has been an unstoppable machine for memes on social networks, but we are clear about something: it gives an amazing bad vibe. With Sandra Bullock in front, the Netflix film presents us with a war that we would not want to fight: against invisible beings who, when looking at them, force us to commit suicide. There is nothing. A kind of ‘A quiet place’ where you don’t have to cover your mouth, but your eyes.

The Top 10 Most Embarrassing Videos Of All Time About Psychological Horror Movies

Terrified (2018)

If the first 15 minutes of this Argentine film does not cause you more than a chill, it is because you do not have blood in your veins. This Demián Rugna film, which could be seen at the Sitges Festival, presents a series of situations in a neighborhood that is being attacked by very strange supernatural forces. With a very bitter point of comedy, the Argentine filmmaker gives us a horror film as atypical as it is chilling.

The Apostle (2018)

Although it doesn’t show as much terror as other movies on this list, the new from Gareth Evans (creator of the magnificent and violent ‘Raid assassin’) does have a few moments to swallow, and, in the end, a more complex story than it seemed at first. Early 20th century, a mysterious sect, a tormented protagonist, a rescue mission to fulfill … What are you waiting for?

The Invitation (2015)

A house, a dinner with friends, a little wine. What can go wrong? Well, according to Karyn Kusama, many things. Claustrophobia envelops us in this tense psychological thriller, at times terrifying, that teaches us not to blindly trust our friendships and their plans for Saturday.

Ludo (2015)

From India we find on Netflix this recent little fantasy gem of terror, as violent as it is disturbing, in which a group of young people tries to hit the spree without knowing that they are about to be sabotaged by a strange couple eager for revenge. To know why you will have to see the movie.

Cam (2018)

Can you imagine staying out of your social networks and seeing that someone is impersonating you? Is there a more realistic nightmare at this point in the 21st century? That is more or less what happens to the protagonist of this film by Daniel Goldhaber, a ‘camgirl’ in the middle of a ‘Lynchian’ experience between screens.

The Skin I Live In (2011)

A man looking for a human guinea pig to test his Machiavellian experiments sounds, to say the least, creepy. That is what Pedro Almodóvar tells us in this four Goya winning film, which is terrifying due to the disturbing content and the tension of its narrative.

Insidious (2010)

There are a lot of scares here, but also an aura of psychological pressure on the characters, who move to their new home with many doubts and a few lurking spirits. James Wan started with this tense film a horror saga that still lasts, but it is undeniable that this first installment is the best of all.

Open doors (2017)

Psychological terror works best in the home. And is that, what place is more terrifying than that? Dylan Minnette becomes the protagonist of this ‘home invasion’ with paranormal overtones, the result of an open day to sell the house.

Babadook (2014)

One of the best horror movies of recent years, directed by Jennifer Kent. In it, a mother has to deal with the loss of her husband and the care of her son, who continues to find a sinister children’s tale. The dark will come when the being of that story begins to appear at the corners … And everything it represents.

The Thing (1982)

Kurt Russell leads this Antarctic expedition team that finds an unexpected monster in the snow. One, moreover, comes from space and can adopt the forms of his victims. A challenge. Although it might seem like a horror movie to use, there is much more hidden in it and its marked nihilistic tone.


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