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Improve Physical Exercise In Quarantine: What You Can Do At Home If You Have Never Played Sports Before

Improve Physical Exercise In Quarantine: What You Can Do At Home If You Have Never Played Sports Before

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by April 2, 2020 Health and Fitness

Physical Exercise In Quarantine Carrying out and practicing exercise and sport during these days of isolation due to the health alarm caused by COVID-19 is extremely beneficial. Not only because it helps us to keep moving and not fall into the most sedentary lifestyle, but also because it makes it easier for us to maintain certain routines and, in addition, to alleviate a little the anxiety symptoms that may appear.

Physical Exercise In Quarantine What You Can Do At Home If You Have

Physical Exercise In Quarantine What You Can Do At Home If You Have

However, when we have never played sports before and we are beginners, it is still not a good idea for us to launch ourselves into sports without any kind of control. It is important that we know how to start physical exercise in our own home. When we have never played sports and want to start, our body needs to acclimatize to the exercise it is going to do. For starters, our muscles, joints and tendons need to get used to the mobility we are going to subject them to.

If we start more abruptly, without adapting our bodies to the new activity, we run the risk of overloading, making inappropriate movements and ending up injuring ourselves. We want to be able to do many things, but if we do not habituate our body it can be a risk, which is why it is not recommended that we start doing very advanced things, but first we would have to establish certain bases. Exercising aerobic capacity and working resistance is important at the same time that we seek to start working the whole body.

The idea is that little by little we can work in greater intensity, but at the beginning, to get this aerobic base and resistance, a good option is to start doing functional training. In any case, the idea is to start with low or moderate intensity routines.

Then we will gradually increase it. We can start with simple cardiovascular exercises such as brisk walking – even in our own home -, dancing, or if we have a treadmill or roller bike at home, take the opportunity to do a little jogging or light cycling, starting for about 15 minutes at first. In this way, we can take advantage of these weeks to gain resistance.

In addition, it will allow us to learn to listen to our body, to know it, to control breathing, etc. When we have this we will see how our body changes and our response to physical exercise as well. Training and strengthening our muscles, to strengthen them, is also very important, while we get resistance. For this we can start with strength exercises using the weight of our own body.

To begin with, what we can do is exercise the body as a whole, instead of focusing on specific muscle groups. For this, we can do routines that include the whole body and go repeating them every day. At first they can be simpler, so that they allow us to focus on doing the movements well.

The Stuff About Physical Exercise In Quarantine: What You Can Do At Home If You Have Never Played Sports Before You Probably Hadn’t Considered. And Really Should

At home we do not have much material, therefore, to train cardio and strength little by little, while we train several muscle groups at the same time. Of course, if we choose this type of training, we must adapt the difficulty to our level. In other words, we have to find the level that is slightly challenging for us and gradually increase the difficulty progressively.

To train with our own body weight, push-ups are one of the most basic exercises that should never be missing. This exercise will allow us to gain strength in the upper body. At first it can be difficult to do them well, since we will have to gain strength in the arms little by little. We can start with simpler variations and gradually evolve.

Squats cannot be absent either, since with them we will be able to work our legs with the strength of our body. It is a simple exercise but one in which we must pay special attention to our posture. In this case we must keep the back straight and the feet firmly planted on the ground. The movement is done with the legs, not lowering the back.

There are numerous variations of the plates and including any or several of them in our beginner training is very important. It is a basic exercise to work the core, something that we sometimes forget. They will help us to improve our body posture, in addition they will help to achieve the necessary strength in that area to be able to correctly do exercises that train other areas of the body.

The hamstring muscles are one of the great ones forgotten in many workouts. These muscles we can train them, along with the glutes with the glute bridges or glute bridge. If we have already started to strengthen our core with the plates, these exercises will be easier to carry out.

Burpees are the great fears of anyone starting out in sports. However, they are too demanding an exercise that requires a certain technique, so beginners would have to start with something simpler. For that there are squat thrust, which would be the previous step to a burpee.

Basically, what we will do will be a burpee, but eliminating flexion and vertical jumping: we perform a squat and, resting the least on the ground, jump with our legs back to reach the plank position. Then with another jump we gather our legs forward and stand up again.


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