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Panasonic Htx90n: Good Sound, Better Design Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business

Panasonic Htx90n: Good Sound, Better Design Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business

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by February 16, 2020 Technology

Panasonic Htx90n headphones may not have the best sound – it is also bad – but they do look unmatched When buying any technological product, the design is almost as important as its components and operation. It is normal, since it is something that we can extrapolate to practically any purchase – no one chooses the ugly apple – but in the case of headphones like the Panasonic HTX90N a question arises: is it worth choosing the most beautiful if the sound does not Does it reach the same level?

Panasonic Htx90n Good Sound Better Design Reviews

Panasonic Htx90n Good Sound Better Design Reviews

The question has a trap, because although the sound quality is not up to the design, it is far from bad. Moreover, when combined with noise cancellation, a result is obtained well above the average compared to many rivals. And when he can’t beat them by arguments, he will pull as a physicist. Beauty is not always inside.

The appearance of the HTX90N is spectacular, there is no doubt about that. With some retro lines and a combination of metals, plastics and a comfortable enough pillow, the only thing that is left behind are somewhat weak buttons that remind us that we are facing a product that moves between the mid-range and the low range. In return, its disposition, thickness and size means that they can be controlled with a finger and just a few seconds of learning to quickly locate the volume up key – something else stands out – from which we can guide ourselves.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Panasonic Htx90n: Good Sound, Better Design And Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

The battery is another of its strengths. During the trial period they have not needed to go through the plug at any time, despite having been used several hours a day for more than a week. A load should be more than enough for any weekend trip and even for a not particularly long vacation.

Of course, there is always the possibility of carrying a charger, but here we find another of its defects: the connector. In the middle of 2020 (or 2019, which is when they were launched) no product should use a micro USB and the HTX90N resort to it. No one should stop buying them solely for this reason, but no one should buy them without knowing it.

When it comes to sound, the experience is quite good. It does not reach perfection simply because it does not aspire to it; That is the work of others and it is left to them. Panasonic has been content to get a more than correct experience that will not give problems, but that will not be unforgettable either.

To this must be added a considerable absence of isolation, which makes it difficult to listen to music at a low volume if there are discomforts (televisions, cars or fellow speakers) nearby. Luckily, it is solved by increasing the volume or activating a magnificent noise cancellation function for this range.

Anyone who prefers to use HTX90N with cable, either for battery or root issues, can do so, as they have both connector and cable included. The boost bass button could also be included in the category of redundant elements, because the difference is virtually imperceptible.

So, although they are not the headphones that sound best on the market, they could be within their range, where they have few rivals. Its official price, 150 euros, is not excessive and, in any case, it is quite easy to find them discounted. On Amazon, for example, they are available for 115 euros, a more than correct amount for a Bluetooth headset with noise cancellation, great design and from a proven brand.

In any case, it is still an input device; something to get into the headband headphones or noise cancellation if, for whatever reason, we don’t have them all with us. You know: much better to experiment with soda than with Dom Pérignon. And this soda is good.


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