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An Unbiased View Of Ozark Season 3

An Unbiased View Of Ozark Season 3

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by May 24, 2020 Entertainment News

Ozark Season 3 During the first two seasons of ‘Ozark’ I always had the feeling that it was a very solvent series that did everything well or very well. The problem is that not even occasionally did it get that brilliance necessary to be able to stand out in a time when more television series are made than ever. That has changed in his third round of episodes, by far the best yet.

Ozark Season 3 That Will Truly Change The Way You See

Ozark Season 3 That Will Truly Change The Way You See

After a start to the season in which special attention was paid to the estrangement within the Byrde couple, the Netflix series has chosen to raise the feeling of danger to push the protagonist couple to the limit. And go if they succeed, because one of the plots they propose catches you hopelessly no matter how much you know that the inevitable will end up arriving sooner rather than later.

To People That Want To Start Ozark Season 3 But Are Afraid To Get Started

It is undeniable that there have been several blows of effect along the way, but until now ‘Ozark’ has always made it a priority that everything simmers and goes the way we might expect. In this way, its managers had the opportunity to measure the plots well and the actors to capture the emotions of their characters and transfer them to the viewer.

An enviable a priori cocktail that at the moment of truth left a certain bittersweet taste, partly because it was predictable, but above all, because the series never finished reaching the degree of intensity necessary for it to be the same in any other aspect. And it is that we unconsciously knew that Marty and Wendy are untouchable for the future of the series, so we never finished assuming the threats they face as true dangers.

That also happens in the third season when Marty faces a life-and-death situation, but already then it shows that Chris Mundy, showrunner of the series, is raising the bar and that a false step could be definitive. However, we already knew that both Marty and Wendy know how to face things with caution, so the arrival of an unstable factor is what shoots the series to another level.

This is what changes both the dynamics of the series and the characters themselves since it has ramifications that go beyond the protagonist marriage and at all times it is clear to us that there is nothing they can do to have it under control. In this way, ‘Ozark’ really manages to transmit that sense of danger that until now has always been in the background at best, but it also takes the emotional impact of the series to limits never seen before.

It is true that in the second season there were very shocking situations – beware of spoilers – such as the deaths of Jacob and several members of the Langmore family, but they were decisions that felt more like points in the evolution of specific characters instead of having much more global importance as what happens in this third season.

So much so, that ‘Ozark’ perhaps allows himself not to delight in what is to come, but he does make it clear what is going to happen and then delve into the wound at all levels – interpretations are especially essential in this case. Yes, so that little less than assume the position of a certain character in the series. The series had already reminded us before what happens with loose ends and in the way of lengthening the agony is where the series finds that greatness so elusive until now.

Until then, the third season of ‘Ozark’ felt like an extension to a level similar to its predecessors, perhaps somewhat better – as it already happened in the second compared to the first – and paying more attention to the feminine but not so much as for affirming it emphatically. Stimulating but not memorable plots are introduced such as the dynamics that are established between Marty and an FBI agent or how the relationship between Darlene and Wyatt progresses, while in parallel we see how the position of the Byrdes within the Navarro cartel is oscillating.

There ‘Ozark’ could have had the precision of a Swiss watch, something that would be in full accordance with what has been seen so far in it, but a piece of the machinery fails and the way to deal with the collapse leads us to the series to arrive at a powerful ending, one of those that will make you hate Netflix if it does not end up being renewed.

‘Ozark’ has taken in this third season that step forward that he had been demanding for a while now and he does it brilliantly, thus becoming the best season of the series so far. It will be necessary to see if this turning point is maintained in the event that the thing continues – according to Mundy he expects it to be five seasons – or if it ends up being something isolated, but what I have clear is that now I have no choice but to applaud their managers.


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