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The Most Overlooked Solution For Outlander Season 5 Tv Series Ending Explained

The Most Overlooked Solution For Outlander Season 5 Tv Series Ending Explained

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by June 7, 2020 Entertainment News

In the final episode of Outlander season 5, we see Claire on her way to Scotland to attend her husband’s memorial. If you’ve been following the story, then you’re probably wondering how she’s going to be able to handle the emotional turmoil and grief involved in this experience.

Outlander Season 5 Tv Series Ending Explained In 2020

Outlander Season 5 Tv Series Ending Explained In 2020

In one of the most famous scenes from the entire series, Claire sits silently in a church, tears streaming down her face, as she talks about her husband. The words are so powerful and raw, that I almost felt physically sick to my stomach, at that moment, listening to them.

Claire has always been a strong character, but this scene changes everything for her. In the first episode, she says it was difficult losing her husband because he was “the sort of man who could see the good in people”. It’s easy to see now that his death was his fault.

He had a hard life before he was injured in an accident in Cumberland. He had no money, no job, and no prospects. He lost his job and his home when he was fired from his coal-mining job in Scotland.

It was Claire’s job to keep him from starving to death. She never wanted a child, but she couldn’t imagine not having a husband. She says she didn’t want to disappoint him.

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Unfortunately, he wasn’t so lucky in Scotland. Even after being diagnosed with cancer, he didn’t survive. He died four months after being attacked with syphilis.

Outlander tells us that Claire is now grieving over the loss of her husband and they have to deal with his death head-on. When she arrives in Scotland, she sees that her husband’s funeral was held in the chapel where she gave birth to their only son.

Then, theĀ death of Prince Charlie, the son of Jamie and Claire’s own daughter, causes her grief to erupt even more. After the Gothic funeral of his brother, Jamie says that his sister has made things easier on him and that they are living in peace now.

That’s when Claire realizes that even though her husband has died, her family and friends will not be safe. It’s a bitter blow, but it will help her adjust and find peace.

Then, during the funeral, she’s forced to take a stand against the religious intolerance that prevails in Cumberland. She fights for equality, which wasn’t too difficult when she was a young woman. But with her pregnant and grieving, she can’t afford to take the easy road.

Finally, Claire learns that there is another castle in Scotland that houses one of King James II’s illegitimate daughters. And, he’s preparing to return there. Because of Jamie’s actions, he’s thrown into prison, but Claire now has the power to change his fate.

If you haven’t yet watched Outlander season 5, do yourself a favor and do so. I’m sure you’ll be happy you did.


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