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Our Girl Season 5like An Expert

Our Girl Season 5like An Expert

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by April 18, 2020 Entertainment News

our girl season 5 is the first Spanish series of Netflix’s own production and, although it has not had the repercussion of other titles such as ‘La casa de papel’ or ‘Élite’, little by little it has established itself as one of the Patriotic heavyweights of the platform. It didn’t start badly: set in the 2nd Republic, it told the life of a group of workers from the first national telephone company.

our girl season 5 is the first Spanish series of Netflix

our girl season 5 is the first Spanish series of Netflix

But, as the seasons have progressed, the plot has been complicated in an unbelievable way until reaching this (bad) final surprise. Well, in the end nothing: what they released recently (February 14) has been the first part of the fifth season. The true outcome of the series will not be available until next summer.

our girl season 5′: Season 5 of the Netflix series stretches the gum with the adventures of telephone operators in the Civil War

Splitting seasons is standard Netflix practice. The platform usually rolls them two by two, hence we usually see news that a certain series has been renewed “for a couple more installments.” A marketing trick that, although at the moment it is giving them results, with ‘The Cable Girls’ it is artificial and more stretched of the account. If you are not up to date with the series do not continue reading because there are SPOILERS from here …

The fourth season ended very high: with the tragic death of Ángeles (Maggie Civantos) and the promise of the other friends that they would take care of their daughter. Lidia (Blanca Suárez) decides to go to New York to protect her daughter from the villain of the series (Concha Velasco) and both Marga (Nadia de Santiago) and Carlota (Ana Fernández) stay in Madrid, but reinventing themselves professionally: the first opens an agency with Pablo (Nico Romero, who together with Nadia de Santiago are the best interpreters of the series) and the second lucky test in journalism.

In the fifth installment there is a seven-year time jump: in Spain the Civil War has broken out and Lidia is forced to return from New York to rescue Sofia (Denisse Peña, who was one of the girls from ‘El Internado’) , the daughter of Angeles, who has joined the Republican front to fight.

But she will not do it alone: ​​on her return to Madrid she will recruit her friends, who form a sort of Avengers closer to ‘The Secret of Old Bridge’ than to Marvel superheroes. The girls are a pineapple again, and they do not hesitate to help Lidia in her mission.

But of course, they will have all kinds of impediments: from a commander of the republican side with whom (ahem) they have quarrels from the past, to an American journalist whom they have to blackmail to help them. Then begins a spiral of trouble, a kind of chain of favors that does nothing but complicate everything and take the viewer away from the real task of the season.

And all, wrapped in a cardboard cardboard prop that simulates a warfare and that is quite naïve when compared to other television and film recreations of the Civil War. It takes more than dust, broken glass and sandbags on the sides of the street to recreate the advance and victory of the national side in Madrid in 1939.

As in all series, it is necessary to introduce new characters as the plot progresses. In this first part of the fifth season we have met James Lancaster (Alex Hefner), the American journalist who will first put all possible obstacles to help them but who, finally and, oh, surprise, turns to the problem of girls.

From his role, which comes to be the typical little boy (I will always deny having written this word) womanizer and with a tendency to drink more than he should but who is basically a genius and has a good heart, it is shocking to see how a supposed reporter from the 30s already uses expressions like fake news.

This half season has had all the wacko possible: from false burials to casual encounters with your best friends on a portal in the middle of the war, and it has ended like all mid-seasons: serving as the opening for the outcome, which will also be the point and end of series.

With a plot twist at the last minute that tries to impact but that at this point is more comical than anything else and with the unexpected death of one of the main actors in the series, we will have to wait until summer to see where the adventures end of these telephone operators turned into adventurers, spies and whatever comes up.


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