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Watch Ohio State Football and Learn About the Team

Watch Ohio State Football and Learn About the Team

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by June 11, 2020 Sports

So you want to learn all about the Ohio State Football team? When the Buckeyes are on the field, it is hard to resist. Buckeye fans, known as “Buckeye Heads” are very passionate about their team.

Ohio State Football Report And Latest News Is Essential For Your

Ohio State Football Report And Latest News Is Essential For Your

Watching the Ohio State football team is like watching your favorite show on TV. There is never a dull moment with this team. The Buckeyes are an underdog from the beginning but they have plenty of supporters.

In 2020, Ohio State earned the No. 2 ranking for the season. It was only the second time since the NCAA-Bowl system was implemented that a number two ranked teams were not the runner-up in the final BCS standings.

Well, that was until the Bowl Championship Series was introduced. Before that, there were two bowls, and a number two teams did not even make the BCS Championship. Now, you can find the number two ranked team in the championship game because of the BCS.

What are some of the more famous games between Ohio State football and the other teams that call Ohio home? There are several Ohio State football team legends to be honored. Two such players are Johnny Unitas and Joe Paterno. Johnny Unitas won the Heisman Trophy and finished his career with the Indianapolis Colts.

As a matter of fact, Paterno coached the national championship team that went on to win the Rose Bowl. He passed away in the summer of 2020. Joe Paterno was the founder of the Paterno Scholars Fund for the life skills and education programs he developed and implemented.

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Coach Unitas was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1987. You may remember him from the movie, Joe Cool. He played for the Miami Dolphins from 1978 to 1982.

Paterno was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1971. He was a legendary coach and a leader for his entire coaching career. Now the two are with us in spirit.

The home state of Ohio produces many of the Buckeyes. So many that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Some of the best known include Kenny Guiton, Ryan Shazier, Seth Bornschein, Donald Brown, Eric Fisher, Olin Kreutz, Donte Hightower, Michael Bennett, Andrew Gardner, Alex Cappaert, Anthony Zettel, and Aaron Hicks.

Ohio State football has a long tradition in the state. Ohio is known for being the birthplace of the automobile and a large proportion of Ohio State’s current players and coaches grew up in Ohio. So when the Buckeyes take the field for a game, it is not only for the good of the team but also for the community and the town where they play.

The team travels with buses and charter planes, no doubt, to help the community and the local hotels and restaurants. It is interesting to note that, at times, fans are divided on the team. They have their own members and their own interest groups.

So when the Buckeyes come to town, do not let your mind go blank on their history and their supporters. You just need to be tuned in to the game to know what is going on and how the Ohio State football players are doing. Keep your eyes glued to the television, ready to fall in love with this great team.


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