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Nba Season Suspended By Coronavirus And Taxes

Nba Season Suspended By Coronavirus And Taxes

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by April 17, 2020 Sports

nba season suspended There will be no more NBA basketball in the 2020 season due to the coronavirus. The league released a statement this morning announcing that matches are suspended after Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus. Hours earlier, the NBA had decided to play the game between Warriors and Nets behind closed doors, and the possibility of postponing games or doing everything behind closed doors was being evaluated, in a decision expected to take place on Thursday.

Nba Season Suspended By Coronavirus To Make Someone

Nba Season Suspended By Coronavirus To Make Someone

However, Wednesday’s events changed everything. At the moment of starting the match between Jazz and Thunder in Oklahoma City, the match was suspended since the Jazz received the results of the tests made to the Frenchman Rudy Gobert, who tested positive. Minutes later, the league issued the statement of the suspension of the league, once the games scheduled for this morning conclude.

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NBA Release of Coronavirus Suspension The NBA announces that a Utah Jazz player has previously tested positive for COVID-19. The test result was reported minutes before the start of the game between the Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder. At that time, the match was canceled. The affected player was not on the field.

Until further notice, the NBA has suspended games after the conclusion of today’s games. The NBA will take advantage of this pause to determine the next steps regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

The Jazz-Oklahoma suspension caused a lot of confusion as the players went out to warm up and were just moments from kicking off the game when a Thunder doctor spoke to officials. All the players and referees returned to the locker room and then the announcement was made. “Due to force majeure, the game has been postponed,” said the official Chesapeake Energy Arena speaker. “Everyone is safe. Please take your time and leave the arena in an orderly manner. Everyone is safe.”

The Jazz, in their statement, explained that French center Rudy Gobert had tested negative for the flu, pharyngitis and an upper respiratory infection. However, the individual’s symptoms decreased over the course of today, but as a precaution, and in consultation and cooperation with NBA medical personnel and Oklahoma health officials, the decision was made to evaluate him for the COVID-19. A preliminary positive result was released just before the start of the game against the Thunder. ”

“The individual is currently in the care of health officials in Oklahoma City. In coordination with the NBA and state officials, we will provide updates at the appropriate time. As a preventative measure, the NBA requested that teams that faced the Utah Jazz in the past 10 days be quarantined. These would be the Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons and Toronto Raptors, in addition to the Jazz players themselves, who passed tests at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma. In principle, the players of the Thunder would be out of danger since Rudy Gobert did not get to step on his flag at any time.

“I’m sure I probably had contact with Gobert. But at the same time, like I said, I’ve been taking precautions,” said shooting guard Langston Galloway of the Pistons. “We have been washing our hands; and when the reports started coming out, everyone has been with their hand sanitizer, washing them.”

Galloway admitted that it was something “very serious” because of all the type of interaction that occurs between the players. “We must focus on the reality we live in, since our interaction is with many and different people and knowing that at the end of the day you may have touched the ball, that you have interacted with an amateur and that you are cautious with that in the future” said the Pistons player.


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