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Top The Proteins That An Athlete Should Eat Choices

Top The Proteins That An Athlete Should Eat Choices

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by January 27, 2020 Health and Fitness

My Biggest The Proteins are key to achieving a complete recovery as they play a decisive role in muscle building and maintenance. In addition to the “care” of our muscles, proteins generate a satiating effect. Because of this they are used in weight loss regimes as they help maintain muscle mass.

My Biggest The Proteins That An Athlete Should Eat Lesson

My Biggest The Proteins That An Athlete Should Eat Lesson

And, of course, in all strength sports, protein has always been the main protagonist, while until recently in endurance sports the king was carbohydrate and cyclists or runners were only worried about spaghetti. But times have changed.

Science has made clear the importance of protein. For example, there is a study that shows that the protein intake should be around 20-30g of protein per dose and that greater contributions cause beneficial effects for the athlete with a daily intake of around 1.5-3 gr / kg weight.

What does this mean on a practical level? Well, to achieve the greatest positive effect of proteins it is better to distribute their intake in several doses per day (separated by at least 4 hours) instead of making all the contribution at once. Protein shakes can be a good tool to ensure this contribution but it is important that it is important for protein to appear in your main meals and thus achieve a maximum protein contribution and thus improve recovery.

For breakfast, the best foods can be cooked boiled eggs, preferably boiled, scrambled or as an omelet, whole organic yogurts, organic Quark cheese or smoothie, ham (without exceeding the amount of salt it contains), artisan natural turkey breast (eye with packaged products that provide sugar and unwanted ingredients) and bonito in oil in extra virgin olive oil.

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At lunch or dinner it will be easier for us to get the proteins we need. If we bet on meat, it would be best to eat white meat and animals raised in farmyard or organic livestock, while if we decide on fish the best option is blue fish (salmon, emperor, sardines …) for acids omega 3 fatty acids that contribute. Thinking about our health, consider choosing better small-sized fish to avoid heavy metals in large fish, also avoiding those that come from fish farms.

And if we have chosen the option of vegan food how do we do it? Well, our recommendation would be to look for legume protein, derived from soybeans, such as tofu, seeds and nuts, and their derivatives, such as vegetable butters.

There is a time when protein intake is especially important if we want to achieve a complete recovery: after training or competition. The studies place the amount to be taken over 20-30g of high biological value protein. The metabolic window, the moment in which our body is more receptive to the assimilation of the nutrients you eat. It is between 30 ‘and up to 2 hours after the conclusion of our activity, but it must be made clear that the sooner the intake occurs, the better the result will be when accelerating recovery.


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