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What Is The Mac Address Of Your Mobile Wifi And How To Change It If You Have Android 10

What Is The Mac Address Of Your Mobile Wifi And How To Change It If You Have Android 10

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by December 31, 2019 Technology

Mac Address We often do not repair all the information that remains after the use of our smartphone. Because, beyond the data that track installed applications, just by connecting to the Internet we leave a trail that can easily identify us: just discover the smartphone so they know perfectly who we are. And there come into play all the tools that help protect privacy, such as blocking cookies, preventing them from tracking the browser or changing the MAC address of our WiFi hardware.

Mac Address Of Your Mobile Wifi And How To Change Android 10

Mac Address Of Your Mobile Wifi And How To Change Android 10

Since all the devices connected to a network need to be identified in order to access the information of the servers, each of the phone’s components related to the connection has an element very similar to a person’s DNI: the MAC address. This is the case of the WiFi modem of the smartphone, integrated in the SoC or processor of the device: with the MAC address it is identified at the access point in order to access the data network. The problem is that this identifier is unique, so it leaves a trace.

The MAC address is the identifier of any hardware that is used to connect to a network. In the case of WiFi, this identifier is unique for the modem integrated in the processor (Bluetooth has a different MAC, for example). When we connect to the access point of our house, or access a public WiFi network, this access point registers each of the MAC addresses that use the connection associating it with the name of the device, connection times and servers that it accesses. And, since the MAC address is unique, and identifies our smartphone, it is very easy to identify, bounce, us.

Fascinating What Is The Mac Address Of Your Mobile Wifi And How To Change It If You Have Android 10 Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

When we connect to home WiFi networks there is no major problem (at least it should not), but there can be in case we use public networks, especially in busy places. You always have to pay special attention to this type of network since they entail significant privacy and security risks; risks that can be minimized by changing the MAC address of the device. Of course, we will continue to be exposed to other threats, such as spying on the servers to which we connect or accessing other usage records, such as cookies. Yes, it will be difficult to associate this data with our smartphone.

The MAC address is composed of six pairs of hexadecimal characters separated from each other by a colon (11: 22: 33: AA: BB: CC, for example). Given the huge number of combinations, each of the modems that connect to a WiFi has its unique identifier. In Android it could not be changed until the recent version 10; so it is convenient to know its operation, and how to change the MAC, to protect as much as possible in public WiFi networks.

Google introduced the possibility of changing the WiFi identifier in the latest operating system version. As Google itself details on its developer page, both the device hardware and its software should include the possibility; So it is not available on all smartphones. To check, just do the following:

Access the settings of your mobile and enter the WiFi options. Click on the options of the network to which you have connected (the cogwheel) and go to the advanced options. Within Privacy you should find the MAC selector: just select the option “Use random MAC address“.

Once the random option is checked, the mobile should connect to all Wi-Fi networks using a different MAC address. By default Android 10 connects with random MAC addresses, but it is likely that the option is configured with the real MAC of the WiFi modem. It should be changed, especially when we usually connect to public networks.


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