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Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 4 Is Not What It Should Be

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 4 Is Not What It Should Be

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by April 20, 2020 Entertainment News

jersey shore family vacation season 4 If there’s one thing on MTV The Jersey Shore is not short, it’s drama, and the producers perfectly cured the right amount of boredom versus alcohol to make the magic happen. In a Magazine V interview, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi revealed that they were not allowed to have cell phones, watch TV, read, listen to music, or write and pass notes (except apparently the Note).

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 4 Etics And Etiquette

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 4 Etics And Etiquette

“It’s like being in jail for two months, and people wonder why all we do is drink! It is because there is nothing else to do! … If you are sober all the time, you will go crazy and kill yourself, »she said.

Despite throwing everything from drinks and bumps to literal mattresses, this group of twentysomething partygoers (and now thirty-somethings because it’s actually been a decade since Season 1) somehow made their way into a lifelong friendship. With real friendship comes real-life drama, and when the cameras stopped working, the cast members still support each other throughout the process (though they reserve the right to have an occasional tabloid-fueled feud). Here’s all the drama you didn’t see on the Jersey Shore and Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Jenni “JWoww” Farley may have been hitting the club, and trying to stay positive during her time on the Jersey Shore: family vacation, but the mother-of-two was struggling behind the scenes when her son, Greyson, missed a major milestone in the development. At age two, she “still didn’t speak” (for MY! News), leading to a disconnect between Farley and her husband. In an interview with Hoy, the star revealed that while she was concerned about Greyson’s health, her estranged husband Roger Mathews felt that “it wasn’t a big deal.” This led to feelings of loneliness for the reality star.

“In that respect, I felt very lonely because I felt that the only father said:‘ Do I really want to ask him for help or because Roger is not worried, so shouldn’t I worry? ‘ »He told the morning show. .

Farley had cause for concern. In an interview with Vida de Hollywood, the star revealed that her son had been diagnosed with autism and that they had started a therapy regimen.

“Discovering Greyson is ‘behind’ or ‘retarded’ crushed me,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “But just for a moment… that moment came from wanting to have perfect perfect children’ and ‘how could this happen to me?’ But Gray is perfect and it can happen to anyone. ”

5 Reasons Why Facebook Is The Worst Option For Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 4

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino made a personal mark with his party ways, but things slowly got out of hand and sent the Jersey Shore star (figuratively) calling a taxi for rehab. According to Daily News, Sorrentino developed an addiction to painkillers after suffering an injury in Dancing with the Stars in 2010. People also noted that he was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The certified “MVP” member realized that things had gotten out of control two years after his DWTS injury when he ran out of prescription during a trip to Australia.

“All I had to do was dress for a family function and I couldn’t do that,” Sorrentino told The Associated Press (via Daily News) “The shirt was on, the belt, the pants, everything. The shower was on. I couldn’t even get out of bed… If I can’t do that, how am I going to continue? »

It wasn’t long until he checked into a treatment center and cleared himself with the help of medications and therapy for opioid addiction. As fans of Jersey Shore: Family Vacations As you have seen, the star is now much more relaxed in behavior and focuses her attention on enjoying carbohydrates instead of cocktails.

The GTL will not be the same for the situation, after his eight-month prison sentence of tax evasion. They certainly have gyms and laundry facilities behind bars, but we assume the reality star will look a little pale. According to NBC News, Sorrentino pleaded guilty along with his brother Marc to “filing false tax returns for nearly $ 9 million.”

According to TMZ, Sorrentino’s sentence was delayed multiple times, allowing him to tie up some much-needed knots like filming the Jersey Shore: family vacation, and marrying his girlfriend Lauren Pesce. The star began her prayer in January 2018, and so far things are going very well. According to my! News, the prison is not a great situation for the situation, and is reportedly “having the best time of his life” behind bars.

“It’s like [he’s] in a nursing home, he’s playing bingo, he’s helping people recover in jail,” said co-star Nicole »Snooki« Polizzi MI! News. “We all talk to him by email, so I talk to him about once a week. He is in the gym a lot, so he will probably be devastated… he is doing well there.

Jennifer “JWoww” Farley’s relationship with Roger Mathews flourished throughout the entire Jersey Shore. According to Us weekly, the couple first met while filming season 1, but sparks did not fly until season 3 when Farley was finally single (after her brief and unfortunate stop in Pauly D’s bed). In 2012, Mathews finally asked the question while skydiving, and two years later, Farley gave birth to the couple’s first child. They finally married in 2015 and welcomed their son in 2016, but then things started to fall apart.

According to Us weekly, Farley filed for divorce in September 2018 citing “irreconcilable differences,” but Mathews was determined to get it back. In an Instagram video, the truck driver claimed that his reality star wife “got tired of the repetitive pattern we fell into” and that there was “no cheating” or “juicy details.”

“I’m going to get my wife back,” said Roger, “I’m going to get her affection back, I’m going to get her love back. I have no intention of being a single parent. We are in counseling so there is hope. It doesn’t end until the fat woman sings.

After the divorce filing, the couple celebrated their three-year anniversary with a romantic dinner and spent Halloween together wearing a Disney-inspired group costume.

Although Mathews may have been trying to get his wife back, things finally came to a complete stop when the reality star received a temporary restraining order against him. In a statement posted on his personal website (via People), Farley accused the truck driver of physical and emotional abuse. He also released a terrifying video (via TMZ) that allegedly depicted Matthews grabbing Farley and throwing her to the ground while her children screamed in the background.

Farley People told her that she spoke out against her separated husband to “protect our children and free me from all the pain I had endured for so many years, to finally be free from abuse and now look to the future in a more positive way for the good of children «, but Mathews does not have the same point of view.

According to my! News, Mathews claimed the couple had an argument and their daughter was put in the middle. The reality star was reportedly “screaming and slamming the door to his room”, so Mathews filmed the encounter believing he would try to “make false accusations.” The police reportedly responded and left, but returned to escort the trucker out of his home at 2 a.m. It was then that Farley allegedly filed the restraining order. His team denied the Mathews account, and as of this writing, the exes are involved in a custody battle.

At the end of the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, it seemed like JWoww was finally heating up with Angelina Pivarnick, who left the original series forever for the second season after revealing who wrote the note (the note), and sparking a total war. . As a result, there aren’t too many axes buried in the sand on the Jenkinson Boardwalk because they currently reside in the Staten Island landfill. In other words, the girls’ temporary truce did not last long.

In an interview with TMZ, the star affectionately nicknamed “Dirty Little Hamster” revealed that there is new bad blood between her and Farley. His on-screen enemy was allegedly “tearing up” Pivarnick by “a fanatic’s request.” As a result, Pivarnick had no choice but to call the star “Jersey w *** e.” Since then, things have been freezing between the couple, but Pivarnick showed his support when JWoww reported allegations of abuse against her estranged husband. Maybe it’s all water under the boardwalk.

Although most of us are used to seeing Ronnie Ortiz-Magro drown the waterfront house in a steady stream of Ron-Ron juice and cheat on his fellow drunks (see: the note and French fries), the star finally entered. in treatment for alcohol abuse and depression in early 2019.

Ortiz-Magro apparently always fought under the influence. His time on the Jersey Shore almost reads like a manifesto about how quickly a party can go from fun to scary. The star had a series of documented violent outbursts including throwing Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola’s bed onto the front porch (while she was still in it) and hitting a guy on the street, leading to an assault charge of third degree. By the time Family Vacations aired, it was clear that the star was also struggling with depression. He was documented breaking down in tears numerous times over the difficult relationship between him and his baby, Jen Harley, and his failed relationship with Giancola.

“I decided to go to treatment because I wanted to be a better person, a better father for my daughter,” she said. We weekly. “Eventually, all the bad decisions I was making would lead me to places I didn’t want to be in. I wanted to be taken to where I am now, that is happy, healthy and the best role model. for my daughter.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s volatile relationship with Jen Harley was shown in Family Vacation, but things behind the scenes were much more serious than the cast let on. We all know that Harley was arrested for domestic assault in June 2018 after she was allegedly dragged by the Jersey Shore Beau with her car while her little daughter was in the back seat. Ortiz-Magro showed his injuries during the restart of his reality show, but Harley was never prosecuted because there was “insufficient evidence.” The pattern of behavior allegedly continued throughout the new year, even after Ron revealed an allegedly acquired black eye when Harley punched him in the face with a phone in October.

According to People, Ortiz-Magro started 2019 by filing a police report of domestic violence against Harley after an alleged incident at a New Year’s Eve party that happened just before midnight. The couple reportedly had an explosion at the Hustler strip club in Las Vegas due to something Harley read on Ortiz-Magro’s phone (although TMZ claims the line was lit when Harley spilled something on Ortiz’s shoes- Lean). He reportedly “pounced” on him, was restrained by his friend, and then threw an ashtray at his head. That night, the couple resigned once again, but as of April 2019, they were seen huddled up on social media.

Paul D. DelVecchio (aka DJ Pauly D) is a resident Jersey Shore joker, and he’s rarely seen frowning on television. It serves as an important source of positivity for your roommates during domestic abuse scandals and family deaths; however, things are apparently a bit darker when the hair gel is shampooed. During a WE TV Boot Camp episode of marriage, former love Aubrey O’Day accused the Jersey Shore star of the abuse.

According to People, the couple met in 2016 on the set of Famous Single. Her marriage boot camp season opened with O’Day alleging that DelVecchio “tortured” her, surprising the reality star. O’Day then admitted to TooFab that he felt he was “suffocating and losing [his] identity” in the relationship. ” Torture was the best way to describe his “journey,” but Delvecchio felt it was “a bit dramatic.”

“Am I like, ‘Tortuous’? That’s an interesting word, ”said Page six. If it was devious, why would you stay in a devious relationship? And I was the one who left her. I think it’s a bit made up, but if that’s how it feels, it’s good that we’re not together anymore. The couple broke up for good in 2017, and DelVecchio said Page six he “dodged a bullet.”

With the plethora of girls, MVP appeared on the Jersey Shore bed. It should come as no surprise that one of them eventually becomes a father. Who knew that the grenades they were actually dodging would be babies? Pauly D reportedly called a Hooters waitress for one night, and it resulted in a mega drama.

TMZ reports that the one-night stand was likely spawned from a drunken night at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Rehab Hotel pool party where Pauly D was a DJ. About nine months later, Amanda Markert (who was spotted spraying the crowd with champagne from the stage) gave birth to a young daughter. According to Radar Online, Markert had a living boyfriend who believed his five-month-old daughter was his. When the news of the alleged paternity made the headlines, he was shocked and broke up with the mother of two.

After discovering her baby, DelVecchio definitely stepped forward. He was seeking custody even before he met her. The star reportedly did not believe Markert was “a suitable mother,” and a source told TMZ the couple “directly hate each other.” In 2014, they managed to develop a temporary custody agreement. He is 4 years old. It’s my life. She’s my princess. It’s a little mini-me, “said the star. People in 2018 Aww!

Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola has completely left the Jersey Shore behind her. The star was replaced by a doll when she became the only absent cast member of Family Vacations. Why? We can’t say for sure if it was Ron, but definitely… probably – it was Ron

“I’m not the same one I was when I was 22, she wrote in an Instagram post regarding her decision not to join the show.” At 31, I am currently extremely happy in all aspects of my life and want to avoid toxic potential. situations «.

Since then, Giancola has become a fully taken woman. According to People, The star got engaged in March 2019 to Christian Biscardi. Her co-stars, including Angelina, the reader of the infamous note, congratulated the former reality star. Ortiz-Magro, who dated Giancola for eight years, offered some positive words, but was also relieved that he decided to go through the reboot.

Who really wants to live in a house with their ex? That is the most uncomfortable feeling in the world, “he said. People before adding: “As family and as co-stars and friends who have known her for so long, we are going to support whatever she does.” Still, we assume that your wedding will likely “get lost in the mail.”

JWoww might have two beautiful children now, but it was a fight to get there, a fight that none of her castmates knew about. The star concealed the news of his heartbreaking miscarriage during the cast’s season 4 trip to Italy (most of us remember that as season The Situation and Snooki faced him literally in every episode)

“Three to four weeks before Italy, my grandmother passed away and Roger and I lost a baby … not many people know that,” Farley admitted during family vacations (via Us weekly). “They put me on medication for that because I couldn’t handle life. The medicine was like Xanax, it would depress me. The depressing ones would make me so groggy that I would then start taking the top. Italy. It was fucking messy. ”

This trauma followed her during her pregnancy with Meilani Alexandra. In a blog post (via Us Weekly), Farley admitted he thought he had miscarried after taking various tests and seeing blood while going to the bathroom. She was convinced she was no longer pregnant and “felt a loss like no other,” but it turned out to be a false alarm.

Unquestionably loved The Jersey Shore. Years after the cast left the waterfront home, Family Vacation still had one of the “most viewed” unscripted cable debuts “since 2012,” according to IndieWire. Jersey shore residents weren’t so excited. reports that the people who really have to put up with the meatball spiraling during the day were “horrified” to think of another season.

“The program had some potential at first, but they are a complete disgrace to the state and should not be here at all,” said Letisha Johnson, a resident of Seaside Heights, where Snooki was arrested for disorderly conduct in 2010.

Former Governor Chris Christie even stepped in, alleging the series was “negative for New Jersey” and vetoing the program’s $ 420,000 tax credit. Family Reunion He was also denied filming permits at Asbury Park’s Seaside Heights, Brick and Lobster Lounge, according to the Asbury Park Press, however, the show came up with a creative solution to trigger the reboot. Producers reportedly ambiguously labeled the Roadtrip Reunion project, which threw Asbury Park Mayor John Moor out of its scent.

It’s not just New Jersey that wanted the cast. According to, Miami, Florida and Florence, Italy “denied producers permission to film” after leaving the Jersey Shore alive with slightly less dignity and a wicked hangover.


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