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Keto Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes: 13 of Our Favorites for Ketosis

Keto Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes: 13 of Our Favorites for Ketosis

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by August 16, 2019 Health and Fitness

Vegetarian Recipes If you are carrying out a ketogenic diet it is essential to reduce foods rich in carbohydrates and base food on sources of protein as well as healthy fats. Therefore, if you do not consume meat or fish its practice is more complex and to facilitate it we leave 17 keto or ketogenic and vegetarian recipes.

Since we will not use meat or fish, the proteins will be derived mainly from eggs and dairy products, although we can also turn to protein plant foods such as nuts, seeds or legumes such as peanuts that are reduced in carbohydrates. Of course, oily fruits such as olives and avocado will also be accepted and low proportions of vegetables with low intake in hydrates so as not to leave the state of ketosis.

How To Quit 17 Keto Or Ketogenic And Vegetarian Recipes In 9 Days

How To Quit 17 Keto Or Ketogenic And Vegetarian Recipes In 9 Days

The eggs will be very useful for a vegetarian keto diet, as they allow us to solve meals in a short time and easily satisfy ourselves with quality nutrients. Thus, some preparations with eggs suitable for a ketogenic diet are: Baked eggs on avocado with goat cheese: a very nutritious dish, easy to make and ideal for solving a meal in minutes, obtaining healthy fats and quality proteins.

Cloud bread or keto bread: eggs and cheese are the basis of this recipe that we will surely use a lot, because it allows us to replace a very consumed food such as bread. Baked eggs with zucchini: zucchini is a very watery vegetable and poor in hydrates, therefore, we can use it to prepare a light dinner as this recipe is.

Avocado pate: for the appetizer or to accompany a bread without hydrates, this pate based on mayonnaise and avocado is a good alternative. Omelette: to taste at breakfast we can go to this simple recipe that is first and foremost, protein. Turkish eggs with yogurt: they are a fresh recipe, easy to make and that we can accompany with olives, avocado or some vegetable rich in protein and poor in hydrates.

Greek salad pan: for a satiating meal we can opt for this recipe that includes a minimum of vegetables that, if necessary, can be reduced or avoided in this dish. Another good protein alternative is dairy, as long as these are without added sugars. For example, we can opt for cheeses (more protein and fat and less hydrates) or eventually a plain yogurt without flavor or sugar. Thus, some dairy dishes for our keto diet are:

Roasted avocados with mozzarella: a simple alternative that we can taste at a meal or at breakfast. We can reduce the amount of tomato and lemon juice if necessary to maintain ketosis. Avocado Truffles: using a pure cocoa without sugar or a chocolate without flour or added sugar we can transform these truffles into a perfect keto dessert. Although they do not carry milk or cheeses, they include butter so they are not 100% vegetable.

Sugar-free cheese cupcakes: by limiting the fruits that accompany the dish, we can create these cupcakes ideal for a protein dessert since they are based on fresh cheese and natural yogurt without sugar. Cocoa pannacotta: although the dish has cream as a base we can use fresh cheese shake to obtain more protein and less fat. It is also an option without sugar and suitable for keto diet.

Greek Tzatziki: for the appetizer we can elaborate this simple and mainly yogurt based recipe. It is very important to choose a yogurt without sugar and not abuse the amounts consumed. Although there are not many options, we also find vegan dishes or without animal foods of any kind as we show below: Peanut butter: to accompany a keto bread or, accompany a salad with avocado and other vegetables allowed, we can make this homemade peanut butter, without added sugar and with many healthy fats. Roasted pumpkin seeds or seeds: a good snack that we can consume between meals or add to breakfast are these roasted seeds very easy to make.


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