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Best Things About How To Activate Two-Step Verification In Your Accounts

Best Things About How To Activate Two-Step Verification In Your Accounts

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by February 12, 2020 Technology

How To Activate Two-Step Verification  By following these simple steps you can make your social networks, your Amazon account and virtually any Internet service more secure

Two-step verification involves an additional security check to ensure the identity of the person accessing the user profile, thus avoiding malicious uses or impersonations. More and more platforms offer this system to ensure that the accounts are used by their rightful owners (or in the case of sharing, that the owner is aware of this).

How To Activate Two-Step Verification In Your Accounts

How To Activate Two-Step Verification In Your Accounts

These verification systems make it not enough to enter the password to access an account. This will have to be complemented with a code received in the mobile terminals or with an extra interaction.

Some of the applications that offer this system are Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Amazon, Paypal or platforms such as Steam,, Uplay, Epic Games or PlayStation Network.

Few applications collect as much personal data as Google accounts, so if two-step verification had to be a priority on any platform, it would be this. From the mobile terminal, opening the Google application itself, just press the icon of our user and then “manage your Google account”. Then a menu will appear with different options, which slide from left to right horizontally, where you have to search for “security”. In the options that appear at the bottom is the verification in two steps, after selecting it a browser will open with a small explanation and in which it will indicate “start”.

At the beginning of the process, you ask about the brand of the mobile device used, then, if you are logged in to other sites such as the computer, it will raise the relevant issue. The next step would be to confirm the mobile screen pattern, if it is configured. It is difficult to get lost during any of the steps because little by little they are guiding the user.

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After entering the pattern and confirming the login on other devices, the application will approve the start. This is what is known as a simplified two-step verification. Google also offers other options, apart from pressing the “yes” on the screen, such as the classic one of receiving an SMS with a code or a call in which a voice will repeat the code to be entered.

For years, Twitter incorporated the verification in two steps but this required the introduction of a telephone number. At present this is no longer necessary, all those accounts of the social network that are not linked can be protected with this type of verification because the application offers different alternative methods to SMS.

First of all, you have to press the profile picture to display a menu in which the “configuration and privacy” option appears, after which you have to select “account” to be able to enter the specific user settings. From this menu you can change password, username and even delete the phone number that was linked, since it is no longer necessary.

To continue towards the verification in two steps, you have to click on “security”, where it will appear with the name “authentication in two phases”, tranquility, refers to the same concept.

The social network offers three methods. The first of all is the “text message” (to choose this option there must be a linked mobile) that consists of a numeric code that will be sent to the mobile number provided through an SMS.

The second option would be through an authentication application such as Google Authenticator, Duo or Authy, for which you need to have one of these apps installed and configured on your mobile.

The third and last would be in charge of a security key. To use this method you need a compatible browser and a USB, NFC, Bluetooth or similar device called a security key.

The steps to follow in the web version are simpler. In the column on the left you have to click on “more options”, from the drop-down menu it would be marked “settings and privacy”, then “account” and from there “security”. Like the example from the mobile, Twitter offers the same three options.

The social network par excellence also has this service. From the app, after pressing three blue stripes, an account menu will be displayed. Simply click on “settings”, “security and login” and “use two-step authentication”.

Facebook offers several methods, SMS or a third-party application (such as Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile) as primary and recovery codes as secondary.

These codes are useful when you don’t have your phone nearby, for example on a trip. It would be enough to copy them somewhere safe and enter them when the application asks us to log in, each code is for a single use.

Even belonging to Facebook and being able to have both interconnected accounts, the Instagram system is different and must be activated separately. As in Facebook, from the menu of the three stripes on the right, you have to press “settings”, then “security” and in the menu displayed, “two-step authentication”.

In addition to the two-step verification service, many of the platforms mentioned have similar menus. Amazon was not going to be an exception. In this case, the three stripes are located on the right but open the same menu, that of the user options. In the interface you have to press “my account”, “login and security” and “two-step verification settings”.

If no phone number is linked, the application will require it. Then, it will send a code through an SMS or a voice will repeat it by calling. Again, the platform offers the option of using a verification app. To have this service, Amazon requires linking a telephone number, it cannot be otherwise.

This payment system is something that touches our pocket, literally, so it would also be a very good option to include the activation in two steps in our user.

From the security page, click on “configure” and “two-step verification”. The service offers the classic option of the text message or a third-party application.

The novelty is that from the mobile version, from the settings wheel (upper right), by clicking on “login and security” an alternate login can be configured through fingerprints.


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