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Against The Loneliness Of The Coronavirus?

Against The Loneliness Of The Coronavirus?

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by April 2, 2020 Health and Fitness

Guide Of Letters There are many initiatives that have been created to overcome the current situation that society is experiencing as a result of the coronavirus. The #Yomequedoencasa action encourages the population not to leave their homes, except in cases of extreme need, and with it, many people launch advice and offer free entertainment so that house confinement is as enjoyable as possible.

Guide Of Letters Against The Loneliness Of The Coronavirus

Guide Of Letters Against The Loneliness Of The Coronavirus

These actions are for those who are at home, but what about those who are overcoming the virus in hospitals? How can they be encouraged? What can those at home do to help them?

Cristina Marín Campos, associate doctor of the General Surgery and Digestive Surgery Service at the La Princesa University Hospital, Madrid, is aware of the solitude situation in which the affected patients are found “one of the biggest problems they have is the isolation”.

When Professionals Run Into Problems With Letters Against The Loneliness Of The Coronavirus, This Is What They Do

These patients “are alone and separated from their families whom they cannot see.” And it is that they do not receive the company of anyone, not even the doctors who, by protocol, can only see them once a day.

For this reason and to fight against this loneliness, Marín Campos has personally launched the Letters to Beat COVID-19 initiative. With it, she encourages everyone in their homes to write anonymous letters of encouragement for hospitalized patients. “The idea is that every day, when a doctor goes to see an infected person, they can give him a letter of encouragement,” he explains. It is an initiative in two directions since, in this way, those who are in their quarantined homes can also be very useful and feel that they can help a lot in the face of this epidemic.

For this, the associate doctor has enabled email (letters.we will [email protected]), through which, everyone who wishes, can send their anonymous letters of support, putting the first name of the person who sends it and information about who sends it (profession, activities, hobbies …) along with a message of support to deal with the coronavirus.




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