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Fears Of A Professional Hp Dragonfly

Fears Of A Professional Hp Dragonfly

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by March 26, 2020 Technology

Great Historical Figures This HP team has a stunning design, great performance and great autonomy. The only downside is that this is paid for.

Great Historical Figures Who Love Hp Dragonfly I Wish I Was Rich

Great Historical Figures Who Love Hp Dragonfly I Wish I Was Rich

The laptop market for work is riddled with equipment with amazing performance in a horrendous body, as if work has to be ceremonious and gray. The HP Dragonfly is a very honorable exception that combines elegance, power and a price that makes it not for any worker.

HP has opted for a magnesium body so light and strong that it would not clash on Captain America’s shield. The Dragonfly lives up to its name and it seems that if it could flap its wings it would float without a problem. On the lap it is as comfortable as it is imperceptible and in the backpack its little kilo goes completely unnoticed even after a day of walks, meters and stairs.

The design is spectacular; Delicate and elegant without being boring and with space for the modernized company logo. Open, both its keyboard and its trackapd -magnificent, later we will talk about them- as a huge screen with hardly any margins. In addition, its body resists fingerprints, so it can be carried from one side to the other without fear that it ends up plagued by stains that darken the finish.

On the left side we find the power button, the Kensington security port and a USB, while on the right there is an HDMI, headphone jack and two USB-C from which it can be charged. There is no gap anywhere for his pencil, which tries to fill this gap with magnetism (literal; it is magnetized). It is appreciated, but experience says it will end up forgotten in a pocket or lost on a table.

It is a sober and elegant team that manages not to be boring or, worse, a lot. It has personality thanks to its lines, its color or its materials. Even the tab that blocks the webcam shows some lines that give some life to an element that rarely has it. This, by the way, is one of the two biometric unlocking measures together with the increasingly common – and decidedly more secure – fingerprint reader. It works correctly and without buts, which is the best that can be said about this type of tool.

In the design section we must also talk about the power supply. It is generally like an eighties jacket: ignored, oversized and, if possible, kept deep in the closet. In the case of the Dragonfly, we have, to paraphrase Daniel Diges, something small.

The cable is textile and has a piece to wind it over the body of the source, which means that it occupies little more than a telephone. The plug part, unfortunately, cannot be reduced much further, although overall the average is satisfactory.

Autonomy makes carrying a source and cable on top optional. In principle, one day of work will not be a problem. It may even come in strong if a last-minute brown emerges. Now, you will come home just like the person who uses it: with the right energies and wanting to end the day.

Therefore, it is clear that the HP Dragonfly has a great body and everything that surrounds it has an aspect in keeping with its price (from the 1,820 euros of the most economical configuration -to say something- to the 2,467 euros of the most expensive -reduced by ; the original is just over 3,000-). The next question, logically, is if everything is flowing as expected inside and the answer is yes with an asterisk in the form of a processor.

The Intel i5 and i7 that it assembles, without being bad, can fall short for its price, more on paper than on a day-to-day basis. The eighth generation of these processors is equivalent to the millennials that, without being boomers, begin to be overwhelmed by the Z generation (or tenth, in the case of Intel). They go like a shot and they give with solvency, but they already hurt their knees and they sigh when sitting down. Old age is near and the shadow of obsolescence – like that of baldness – looms.

The screen can be folded down to almost 360 degrees, allowing access to tablet mode. Windows is still not the most practical environment for a touch screen, but being such a light computer, it can come in handy. In any case, it is a magnificent panel in which the frames barely occupy 10% of the total.

Why Everybody Is Talking About Hp Dragonfly: I Wish I Was Rich…The Simple Truth Revealed

A portable computer for work has the difficult task of responding in a work environment, but also when the day ends and the audiovisual session begins at home. The visual we have already seen that it complies and the part of the audio, in charge of Bang & Olufsen, is not far behind.

The speakers are the equivalent of the short man in the eighties action movies. At first they seem like little, but when you have to get down to business they take nunchakus out of your pocket and put some cookies – sound – as unexpected as forceful. It does not serve to give life to a party, but more than once you will find yourself turning down the volume at home; 50% give what many only achieve 100%.

The keyboard and trackpad are amazing. The space is made the most of and a 13-inch rig has two components that seem much bigger than they are, in the best sense: It doesn’t feel like you’re working with something small. The response is magnificent and even pleasant in the case of the keys.

For price, the HP Dragonfly could only be asked for a somewhat newer processor; otherwise, there are no downsides in this regard. The problem is that, also for price, it enters a segment of the market in which it has to beat copper, among others, with the MacBook Pro, some important rivals that have the same weapons: performance, design and autonomy. Whoever wants to stay in the Windows environment and, above all, can afford it, will not be mistaken. Who -as a server- cannot do it will have to settle for knowing what the laptop would be if they were rich.


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