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Top Iphone 11 Vs Iphone Xr, What Phone To Buy? Reviews!

Top Iphone 11 Vs Iphone Xr, What Phone To Buy? Reviews!

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by October 7, 2019 Technology

Getting The Best Iphone One of the phones that has better prospects among the public is the new iPhone 11. With this terminal, Apple has repeated last year’s strategy by presenting two flagship terminals followed by a third party also very capable but at a more attractive price. We are talking about the iPhone XR, of course. And now the company has decided to keep it on sale as a companion of the iPhone 11. This has caused many readers to have asked us which phone to buy, whether the iPhone 11 or the iPhone XR. Let’s try to dispel doubts.

Getting The Best Iphone 11 Vs Iphone Xr What Phone To Buy

Getting The Best Iphone 11 Vs Iphone Xr What Phone To Buy

Apple has not wanted the decision between an iPhone 11 and an iPhone XR to be easy. And he has achieved it. Both models start from the same 6.1-inch diagonal, identical display and equal dimensions. The changes come on two major fronts, flanked by seven other more discreet but also interesting improvements.

The first and most obvious from the outside is the additional photographic sensor, one of ultra wide angle, which allows you to take larger photos and take pictures in portrait mode to any object. This would not be possible without the second substantial difference of the iPhone 11 and which the iPhone XR lacks: the A13 Bionic processor.

Thanks to this new chip, the iPhone 11 cameras are able to take better pictures with the new night mode. And as we have seen in the analysis of the iPhone 11, it shows, quite a lot. And it will also improve photo shots when iOS 13.2 lands and brings the new Deep Fusion, which is a new, more advanced Smart HDR.

The Wildest Thing About Iphone 11 Vs Iphone Xr, What Phone To Buy? Is Not Even How Disgusting It Is

Only for these two improvements, the iPhone 11 already offers an experience of use superior to the iPhone XR, especially in photography. Now, we also find increases in RAM, front camera, battery, superior 4G connectivity, better sound and double the protection of water. Without forgetting the U1 chip that Apple has barely talked about but you will certainly have more uses than a simple improved AirDrop.

All this tilts the balance in favor of the iPhone 11, as is obvious. But we have left for the end an essential aspect: the price. Acquiring the iPhone 11 costs 809 euros (777 euros on eBay) compared to the 709 euros of the iPhone XR (both at 64GB). Keep in mind that, in addition, the 128GB iPhone XR costs 50 euros more (699 euros on eBay) and is still cheaper than the 64GB iPhone 11.

In the end, we are facing a decision where the little difference between prices and the offers that are already on the table can push us towards the iPhone 11. Of course, for those who want to save a peak and do not mind having the latest, the iPhone XR is A great terminal for the future.


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