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Why Most People Fail At Georgia Vs Auburn 2019

Why Most People Fail At Georgia Vs Auburn 2019

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by June 6, 2020 Sports

Georgia vs Auburn 2019 football game is coming up this coming season. With that comes the first of two huge college football games this fall. It’s a great time to get your college football picks and previews in before kickoff on September 3rd.

Georgia Vs Auburn 2019 - Pay Attentions To These 5 Signals

Georgia Vs Auburn 2019 – Pay Attentions To These 5 Signals

The three teams who will be playing in the game have very different traits. Each team is equipped with talented players, but the coaches for each team are loaded with veteran coaches.

A lot of time and money has been invested in recruiting for Georgia. When you put in the work and focus to bring in top-notch talent, the results are rewarding.

Auburn is also a major program that has developed a massive fan base in its own right. It’s hard to not feel connected to this team. Not only have they done well against Georgia, but they’ve beat many strong programs from the SEC East.

While it’s amazing that Auburn has started with an undefeated season, there’s still a lot of work for Gus Malzahn to do to get his team to another level. The current head coach has thrown his team into an SEC war, trying to prove he can win. Not only have they got the job done with no losses, but they have continued to rack up points as well.

This classic example shows why it’s always good to have at least one shot at all the teams in the SEC. Even if you lose, you can still learn something. Just ask Auburn.

The game kicks off in Atlanta, Georgia, home of the NFL’s Falcons. Georgia will be without several key players on offense. They’ll be without WRs and TEs, and other key players on defense.

Believing Any Of These 10 Myths About Georgia Vs Auburn 2019 Keeps You From Growing

The team will miss CBS Terrell Edmunds and Armani Watts, and LB Reggie Walker. WR Julio Jones is likely out with a hamstring injury. Alabama is missing DL and LB Don’t’a Hightower.

Coach Malzahn will have an advantage in the trenches. He knows exactly what to expect from the defensive line. And that’s one of the key factors, he’ll need to take advantage of when the game gets underway.

The passing game has helped Auburn make it this far. They have a dependable QB in Jarrett Stidham. But his counterpart, Jacob Coker, will have his work cut out for him.

And if he doesn’t want to run the ball, he should look towards a pro-style offense. But Stidham might be on to something.

Overall, the Georgia team needs to step up in every area. They need to increase their overall talent. They need to improve their run game and stop the run game with efficiency.


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