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NBA Player Gets Bad Credit For High Impact Head Shot

NBA Player Gets Bad Credit For High Impact Head Shot

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by June 10, 2020 Sports

Players for the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Washington Bullets basketball team are not happy with George Floyd Nba ‘s hit on a ball in Game Five of the NBA Finals. Floyd has assessed a flagrant foul for an illegal check to the head and then he pushed off Atlanta Hawks forward R.J. Hunter to intentionally push Hunter backwards. In the midst of the play, it appears that Hunter fell backward and broke his jaw.

George Floyd Nba Protests Hit Home For Nba Players In One Week

George Floyd Nba Protests Hit Home For Nba Players In One Week

The NBA has issued no sanctions against Floyd or the NBA. He has not been suspended or fined for the play. The league did issue a “corrective” move, which they would like the game to adopt. The NBA is trying to have every team be taught how to properly protect their players from high impact headshots.

There have been multiple incidents of players crashing into each other resulting in serious injuries to players and spectators alike. The U.S. Basketball League has made several changes to prevent such an incident from happening again. The league has banned players from pushing the opposing player when it is in the middle of a play.

The National Basketball Association in the United States of America has attempted to control all hits coming to the head of its players. The NFL has also come under fire from players who are complaining that it is a league that doesn’t protect them.

These incidents have resulted in serious injury to players as well as severe head and neck fractures. For many players, not being able to continue playing in the NBA is devastating. But the league has taken a defensive posture.

Players must make sure they are protected from the high-impact hits coming from opposing players. This protection would include proper back protection for players in a collision, stiff arms to prevent players from getting bent at the neck and knees.

9 Documentaries About George Floyd Nba Protests Hit Home For Nba Players That Will Truly Change The Way You See George Floyd Nba Protests Hit Home For Nba Players

Some players feel they are being victimized by the league, especially for the actions of one player. If the league wants to institute a strict punishment for Floyd, it should fine him for the improper check to the head. It is not fair to punish an individual player for action by another player.

George Floyd will be disciplined for the illegal check to the head and his driving away with an ejection. The penalty will not be out of line because this was clearly not a legal check to the head.

George Floyd knows that he has done something he will regret for the rest of his life. His health may suffer for years to come. What is the difference between the two scenarios?

George Floyd knows that he made a very poor decision and he understands the consequences. The media loves controversy, but now he is the one who will have to live with the consequences.

George Floyd should know the consequences before he decides to go back and play in the NBA. His career is over because of a bad decision. It is better to stay in the United States until he can prove he is completely healed, that his jaw is fully recovered, and that he is able to play in the NBA again.

George Floyd doesn’t deserve any sympathy or leniency. But it is up to the NBA to decide if it believes the rules were broken. If it does, the league has the power to issue Floyd a one-game suspension.


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