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Life After George Floyd Football

Life After George Floyd Football

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by June 1, 2020 Sports

George Floyd Football was the child of a preacher and a single mother when he was taken in by the Auburn football program. The famous son came to town from Chicago to play for Auburn in the spring of 1974. The freshman would go on to be a part of one of the most decorated seasons in school history.

George Floyd Football Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

George Floyd Football Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

It was with great shock that the Auburn family realized just how dominant and talented George Floyd was as a freshman. He set the school record for sacks by a freshman with 4. He made five tackles for loss and was named team captain.

As a sophomore, George Floyd developed into a starter at defensive end and would keep starting throughout his Auburn career. Although the defensive line is not the most athletic position group in college football, he excelled at all of the positions. This combined with his natural ability made him a top-notch player.

George Floyd earned All-American honors for his sophomore season and a spot on the preseason watch list. Coach Lou Holtz knew he had found a star. Floyd was scheduled to enter the NFL draft but had a medical red flag on his NCAA eligibility status.

In 1973, George Floyd left Southern Illinois because he was not being treated fairly by the school. He left school to play football at Oklahoma State. There, he also tore his ACL and was suspended for the year. Despite his absence from school, Floyd developed into one of the best defensive ends in the country.

George Floyd Football – The Life of the Crimson Tide

George Floyd was drafted by the Baltimore Colts with the 51st pick in the 1974 NFL draft. He ended up playing one year for the Colts and earned his first Pro Bowl appearance. He retired in 1977 after being inducted into the Hall of Fame. His second career began with the Washington Redskins where he stayed for three years and played another four seasons. After leaving the NFL in 1982, he worked as a scout for the NFL. It was during this time that he met his wife Lynn, who would become his widow.

Some people wonder if George Floyd should have stayed with the NFL after his last season and played for another team. Regardless of the decision that he made, he was able to benefit from his two careers and put together a great life for himself.

George Floyd continued to be involved in football until he turned fifty years old. The Crimson Tide had an interesting tradition with the very important football game against Arkansas. Because of George Floyd’s influence, the game was always more than just a regular football game.

It was commonly known that George Floyd was the only person allowed to wear number one during football games. He always wore number two and it was so rare that he was allowed to wear the number one that there were not many fans who owned the number one shirt. In his honor, a special number one shirt was created.

George Floyd was the life of the place. He was beloved by everyone at the Alabama football team and his passing came as a shock to everybody. His wife, Lynn, said that the reason she married him was that she thought he was going to die.

There are many stories about George Floyd’s life and how he shaped the lives of the people who knew him. He has made such an impact on so many people and his life will live on through his son, who is a wide receiver at Texas A&M University. His family is looking forward to celebrating his life on Saturday.


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