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Escape Plan 2 Move Expert Interview

Escape Plan 2 Move Expert Interview

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by April 17, 2020 Entertainment News

escape plan 2 had it all to have become a hit… 25 years ago. The problem is that it was released just five years ago, so it still gave it a modest success – it grossed 137 million against a budget of 54 – but falling far short of what one would have expected from a movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Escape Plan 2 Move like An Expert Follow These 10 Steps To Get There

Escape Plan 2 Move like An Expert Follow These 10 Steps To Get There

Of course, everything pointed to be an individual adventure that would not lead anywhere. For this reason, the announcement of a second installment caught me by surprise, and it was even more so when the third one was confirmed before the first sequel even finished filming. Did they have some great plan that you couldn’t say no to? It doesn’t look like it once seen ‘Escape Plan 2: Hades’, an unfortunate junk that should never have seen the light of day.

A few days ago, I commented on how amazing the action scenes of ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ were and, for this, the approach and execution of the staging and the involvement of the actors were essential. It sounds simple said like that, but you can also go easy and have the montage solve your ballot or simply demonstrate a lousy understanding of this type of sequence as it happens here.

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On paper, the idea of ​​a new impregnable prison sounded a bit repetitive, so ‘Escape Plan 2: Hades’ opts for a plot in which the rivalry of Ray Breslin -Stallone- and an anonymous protégé of his – is enhanced Wes Chatham-. At least that seems the idea on paper, but the reality is that Stallone is relegated to the background for most of the footage, thus damaging one of the attractions of the film.

It also doesn’t help that the actor is more monotonous than ever, a bit like Bruce Willis for the past few years participating in infamous titles – I still remember the horrible peligrosa Dangerous Merchandise ’- to cash a quick check. The first thing the film fails is the need to entertain the viewer, to offer them something that is worth continuing to attend to what happens on screen, and from there other even bigger problems arise.

I will not deny that the script by Miles Chapman, who also wrote the first one, try to plant certain seeds so that some tension arises in the heroes’ mission, but it is one thing to pose it and another to know how to play with it so that it fulfills the wanted effect. In fact, it seems all too often that things happen a little for their own sake, including the supposedly surprising turns, and so there is no one to “buy” what happens.

I would even believe without problem that Chapman delivered a first version of the script and they just shot it. That’s where the director’s expertise comes in to add spice to the starting material, but Steven C. Miller, who happened to also be in charge of several questionable vehicles with Willis of recent years, is not that man. Her work ranges from mechanical to impersonal to simply not knowing what to do to make the action vibrant.

To this we add that the rest of the cast seems more that is happening there than acting – a pity the very poor use of Dave Bautista – and the fact that it is not even a completely closed tape to get the feeling of disgust triggered by the clouds. Perhaps putting together the ideas they had here and those that will arrive in ‘Escape Plan 3: Devil’s Station’ could have been somewhat bearable, but the reality is what it is.


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