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Secrets To The Smaiver Is A Spanish Smart Electric Bicycle

Secrets To The Smaiver Is A Spanish Smart Electric Bicycle

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by August 11, 2019 Technology

Electric Bicycle We talk about motorcycles and electric bicycles practically every day. These vehicles usually come from different countries, for example: the French Furion M1, the Chinese Xiaomi Himo V1 Plus, or the German Elmoto Loop or the Porsche eBike X +. We missed seeing some Spanish product related to smart electric mobility until we have found Smaiver, a Spanish company that is defined as the first in the country that builds this type of electric bicycles.

The Smaiver Class Bike is an electric bicycle that draws attention not only for its compact and minimalist design, but for the technology it uses. When we talk about an intelligent product we mean something that at the time had a traditional use and that with the help of an integrated software and a smartphone we can control its handling.

Electric Bicycle That Is Controlled With The Mobile Tesla Technology

Electric Bicycle That Is Controlled With The Mobile Tesla Technology

With the application of Smaiver Bike you can turn on the bicycle, control the level of assistance to pedaling the engine, decide the maximum speed you want to go to (up to a maximum of 25 km / h) or control the front LED light. This app is available for both iOS and Android.

Thanks to a 32-bit Freescale ARM Cortex-MO processor, the bicycle analyzes the terrain around us with three sensors in milliseconds, is able to interpret the inclination of the road to help us with the necessary assistance on the pedals and thus better manage the battery life.

The autonomy of this bicycle can reach up to 70 km with a battery that has Panasonic cells and whose controller, which manages the charging cycles, comes with Tesla technology, as the company explains. By the specifications that appear on the web, said battery is made of lithium and its capacity is 5.8 Ah with a voltage of 36 V. This battery, which weighs 1.2 kg, can be charged in two hours while connected in A power plug from home.

Among all the technological equipment it has is the GPS positioning system, the Global Mobile Communications System (GSM), the anti-theft control, the sabotage warning, the VeloUp system with pressure control on the pedal axis and a USB port External load

In the cycle and mechanics part, the Smaiver Class Bike uses a 6061 aerospace aluminum frame that manages to contain its weight in the 14.5 kg. Its engine is 36 V and 250 W. Its wheels are 16 inches, its traction system is by belt (a good option for urban use, according to Smaiver, due to the smoothness of the power flow), uses a brake jacket Lubricated seal and frame welds are ground and polished.


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