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The Best Way To Destiny 2 Season Of Arrivals

The Best Way To Destiny 2 Season Of Arrivals

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by July 14, 2020 Entertainment News

Destiny 2 Season Of Arrivals Now is the season of arrival. DLPrivateServer gives you all the important information about the new Season 11. In a compact way. You can find everything about activities, content, the new Season Pass, and history here.

Destiny 2 Season Of Arrivals Tip Make Yourself Available

Destiny 2 Season Of Arrivals Tip Make Yourself Available

The new season 11 is here: Today, June 9, the arrival season start signal arrived. On the live stream, Bungie finally revealed what the Guardians had been waiting for and what awaits us until the next big thing in Destiny 2 in Fall 2020.

Before diving into new content today, you should download the extensive 2.9.0 update. This has been available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia since 7 p.m. You can find everything you need to know here:

Destiny 2: update 2.9.0 will arrive today

We will always expand this article during the season and fill it with the latest content.

Check out the trailer for the arrival season here:

What is a season in Destiny 2? A season lasts about three months and provides the game with new content. These are usually subordinate to a seasonal theme. The big difference between classic DLCs or extensions is that the stations don’t shoot their powder all at once, but for the full three months.

You Can Thank Us Later – 13 Reasons To Stop Thinking About Destiny 2 Season Of Arrivals

Compared to classic extensions, a season is cheaper and even includes tons of content for all players, free for every goalie, whether he plays or not. You can buy the current season separately and be right in the middle of the action, even if you haven’t been there during the previous seasons. Incidentally, in Year 4, Destiny 2 will continue to use the Seasonal Model, but in a revised and improved form.

Everything you need to know about season 11 in Destiny 2

To keep players happy for a good three months, you can expect the following in the arrival season:

a dark story
several new PvE activities
A new dungeon
new weapons, armor, and loot
numerous changes and adjustments

History in the season of arrival.

The story centers on the eponymous arrival of pyramid ships in our solar system, bringing darkness with them. The story follows the events of season 10:

The Guardians watched the enemy fleet approach the darkness week after week.
At the end of the season, a scene finally announced that the pyramid ships had reached Jupiter.
After 6 years, our arch-enemy is finally on our doorstep

These events have been held in the background in recent years and are now the main focus.

Then the story continues: We will discover what the menacing arrival means to us and the solar system in the coming months. The pyramid ships have already landed on Io and are preparing for their invasion.

The arrival season becomes the story of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, the great fall expansion.

The pyramids should be visible to everyone. We hope that Destiny 2 will increase its storytelling on some changes through the environment this season.

This is how our archenemy must position himself more and more, become increasingly threatening and become a clearly perceptible danger. “Beyond Light” will be released in the Guardians in the fall.

Destiny 2 continues as an MMO for years: beyond light and plans for 2022

PvE content and activities in season 11

New Dungeon: The end of Destiny 2’s big reveal about the future of Destiny 2 exploded a real bomb: Season 11 offers a whole new dungeon.

During the first day of the new season, the “Prophecy” dungeon will be available to you and attracts with a surreal atmosphere. It should be down there and the reality is going insane. It seems that the Guardians in the dungeon are following the trail of the mysterious Nine.

Reality plays a trick with the Guardians in the new dungeon

The confirmed loot is:

DAITO forging armor
revised armor sets “Trials of the Nine”

What are dungeons in Destiny? Dungeons are among the most popular PvE content ever. They are longer missions for up to 3 players and, with their crisp battles and puzzles, they are reminiscent of mini versions of the great forays from the Destiny universe.

Guardians can currently go to two dungeons:

The broken throne
The hole of heresy

We will shortly walk you through the parallel dimension of “prophecy” and explore all the secrets. Until then, you can watch the atmospheric trailer for the new dungeon here:

The public contact event: The pyramid ships have reached Io. A new PvE activity awaits you there: the contact event. Like the Seraph Tower event, this activity also takes place in the public area.

A new season pass for the Guardians

Not much is known yet about the new Season Pass. But as in previous seasons, it includes rewards for all Destiny 2 players and additional items for buyers of the current season 11.

Season Pass for season 11, arrival season costs 1,000 silver – about € 10

Among other things, this is in the Season Pass:

new exotic grenade launcher “drought picker” (season pass owners get it at level 1 – Free2Play keeper later on pass)
a completely fresh set of armor
Cosmetic products
Bonus XP
an additional quest for exotic weapons
Weekly missions

Major tweaks and fixes in season 11

In the run-up to the arrival season, Bungie announced a wealth of content for sandbox updates and tweaks, which should now make life easier for us. Includes big changes to loot, your weapons, and more.

These are the significant changes in the arrival season:

Destiny 2 releases patch notes for season 11
Loot system radically changes after 5 years: new engram helps search for God Rolls
The useless cult merchant Xur will soon pay again
Osiris trials receive a review
This is how your weapons change in Season 11 – Buffs and Nerfs
Destiny 2 introduces new control options – a dream for controller gamers

Do you dive into the new season 11 immediately after the big update? Were you expecting a new dungeon and what do you think about public activity on Io? DLPrivateServer stays on the ball for you and we will diligently check all the content of the arrival season in the coming days.


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