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Have The The Importance Of Cytology Periodically

Have The The Importance Of Cytology Periodically

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by February 11, 2020 Health and Fitness

Cytology Periodically If there is an aspect of health that women avoid in a way, that is reproductive and genital health. In fact, many of us are not sure how often we have to have a cytology or, even worse, what exactly they are for or if they are only necessary when we notice that something is not right.

Cytology Periodically What Are They For And How Often

Cytology Periodically What Are They For And How Often

Given that it is a relatively uncomfortable test, because of the situation and the test itself, it is not surprising that we avoid it in some way. If we have no symptoms, it is more than likely that we will lengthen it as much as we can. But the reality is that, however uncomfortable, cytology is an important and necessary test that we have to do every so often.

One of the main reasons for having a cytology is that it is the test that can help us detect cervical cancer or other precancerous lesions early. Given that they are cancers that are sometimes quite silent, the importance of detecting it in time is vital, but not only that, but also a test that helps diagnose vaginal infections. In this way, if there is a problem, our gynecologist or gynecologist can offer us the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

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The most common recommendation is to start cytology from 21-25 years or earlier if we have already begun to have sex. The first three years it is recommended that we have cytologies once a year or every two. After 30 years, or in case the last three cytologies have not given negative results, it will be enough to perform one every three approximately. In any case, it will be our doctor or gynecologist who tells us how often to perform the test.

From 65-70 years it is possible that we can stop doing these tests, provided that in the previous 10 years none has given problems. Again, it will be our medical professional who tells us when we can stop doing them. In the case of women who have had positive cytology, it is likely that the doctor recommends additional cytology and tests more often.


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