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Communist Party of India 1920 Arrangements

Communist Party of India 1920 Arrangements

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by June 5, 2020 News

Communist Party of India 1920 was started in 1925 with the purpose of fighting for the cause of the workers. The Workers’ Party of India (WPI) had been formed in 1932 as an alternative to the Rashtriya Jana Sangh. At that time, the working class had not yet become a significant part of the Indian polity. It was after this event that the Working class was seen as the main constituent of the Indian polity.

Communist Party of India 1920 Arrangement of the at Tashkent

Communist Party of India 1920 Arrangement of the at Tashkent

The working class was also still a marginal force. Hence, it was then that the Working-class Party was formed.

During the earlier period, the working class did not establish itself as a major part of the polity in India. It was the major constituent of the Indian polity only after the military dictatorship took over in India. Though this was quite a while ago, the situation was completely different when the Communist Party of India formed.

That was because the working class of India had been carved up into three parts: the khaki area of Bengal, the semi-proletariat of Bihar, and the workers of Tamil Nadu. These three sections were oppressed and it was the communist workers who fought for their rights. These workers joined hands with each other for the common cause of victory.

The communist workers of India, later on, formed the IIT and Nalanda University. These universities came into existence when the communist leaders decided to use the unique assets of these universities to serve the cause of the oppressed sections of the society.

Formation of the Communist Party of India

This is when the communist leadership came to know about the ability of these institutions to bring together the masses. It was also then that the first batch of these universities was formed. They became the birthplace of these universities.

The communist party of India has been established on the philosophy of armed struggle. Its ideals are based on the idea of revolution. It is this belief that has made the communists strong.

The communist party of India was also called the ‘Frontal’ party, as it was backed by people like Iqbal, A. Ram Manohar Lohia, Azad, Shri Irfan Headon, K.V. Duggal, K.L. Nayar, Santosh Kumar Gangwar, etc.

The entire leadership of the communist party of India at that time was staunchly pro-communist. The leadership was well aware of the need to unite the workers to fight for their rights.

The leaders of the party had convinced themselves that politics would be the only part of their political struggle. The only thing they would be fighting for was socialism. Their struggle for socialism will be carried out through their governments.

For this reason, the workers of the party wanted to work under the leadership of a communist leader who is dedicated to communism. As soon as the Communist Party of India formation was seen by the ruling classes, the leftists started forming their own communist parties.

These new parties believed in the rights of the masses and that it was the communists who will be fighting for them. Thus, the confusion between the ruling classes and the leftists increased. They were two different forces.


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