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Basic Facts Of Mindful Nourishing, The New Way To Eat Healthy

Basic Facts Of Mindful Nourishing, The New Way To Eat Healthy

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by January 18, 2020 Health and Fitness

Choosing Mindful Nourishing The new decade that we will be launching will be marked, nutritionally, by the fight against obesity. How to eat to avoid getting fat and lead a healthy life? Dr. José Luis Sambeat proposes a type of conscious nutrition to achieve it. We explain what it is!

Choosing Mindful Nourishing The New Way To Eat Healthy

Choosing Mindful Nourishing The New Way To Eat Healthy

Everything seems to indicate that the new decade that we have just opened will be marked by the fight against obesity as one of the main health policies. In fact, obesity is now considered a global epidemic that has tripled since 1975 and until 2016. Governments and institutions are worried about it.

The latest figures released by the United Nations World Organization state that there are about three million deaths annually due to obesity in the world and that, without going any further, in 2016 more than 650 million people were diagnosed with obesity all over the world.

However, despite these data, obesity continues to grow and for some time now the alarm has also jumped out with childhood obesity, which affects children, especially in countries like the United States and, more recently, in Spain. This worries about the fact that obesity is related to serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, dyslipidemia or hypertension, among others.

Dr. José Luis Sambeat Vicien, a university expert in diagnosis and treatment of obesity by the UNED, wondered precisely this: why do we overeat? And it is that for him, the key is in the feeding, in going to the root of the problem to try to end the overweight.

Sambeat found that the root of the problem is of a psychological nature, because most of the time he eats excessively from stress, to try to calm anxiety, to obtain a gratification … In short, and according to the expert, we eat more than the account to calm us down, to feel happy, artificially and deceptively.

Moreover, for Sambeat, the important thing is not the amount of food or its qualities, but the act itself, the compulsion to fill our stomachs or as a transition between one activity and another. So, how to avoid bingeing and compulsive impasse?

What Everybody Else Does When It Comes To Mindful Nourishing, The New Way To Eat Healthy And What You Should Do Different

To get away from the binge and compulsive impasse, Dr. Sambeat uses the techniques of mindfulness, the current of thought centered on mindfulness oriented to the present. In this way, through mindfulness, the person can focus on the moment of eating per se, allowing him to be aware of all the underlying pleasures of the food in which he is not repairing.

It is about enjoying, giving prominence to the senses: to taste, sight, smell and touch. But how to achieve it? Simply, through different exercises that associate concentration techniques with eating routines. Sambeat explains that it is important to visualize yourself eating, to be seen from outside at that time of intake.

The process of learning and control, accompanied by a diet, personalized, realistic and based on the reintroduction of all foods removed in a first phase, the San Pablo Method, culminates in a new formula: Mindful Nourishing.

This technique consists in teaching the person to be aware of the chemical reactions that occur during digestion and later. It also leads you to the knowledge of whether you eat it and its organic consequences compromise or improve your health and your well-being in general.

Conscious nutrition teaches us to know food and its effects on our body by combining mindfulness with the knowledge of three basic aspects: the nutritional and chemical composition of food, their nutritional dynamics (the process and time used by nutrients in reach the tissues) and its final mechanism of action.

The key is to change the relationship with food and avoid eating by eating. In this reconciliation with food is one of the keys that induce motivation, the key to weight loss.


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