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Why Ignoring Tricks To Hide The Belly Will Cost You Time And Sales

Why Ignoring Tricks To Hide The Belly Will Cost You Time And Sales

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by January 30, 2020 Health and Fitness

Building We all like to feel beautiful, with comfortable clothes to be proud of our body and our curves. Sometimes, especially after being a mother, we have a swollen abdomen. Discover some tricks to hide the area when dressing.

One of the most conflicting parts of our body is the belly, especially after childbirth. Also, if you are in the postpartum period, you will still feel bigger and more swollen than normal. The first thing you have to do is take away iron from the matter: our curves are beautiful, more if they are due to pregnancy. Second, do not be overwhelmed, in time you will be back as you want. And finally, don’t get obsessed. Your baby and your partner love you as you are, they will not notice if you weigh five or seven kilos more.

Building Relationships With Tricks To Hide The Belly

Building Relationships With Tricks To Hide The Belly

Anyway, if you want to hide those parts of the body with which you are not yet comfortable, we offer you some style tips focused on concealing the belly and promoting other parts of our body, such as the neckline or legs.

Congratulations! Your Tricks To Hide The Belly Is (Are) About To Stop Being Relevant

A tall and slender image. It depends on how we dress, people see us in one way or another. If we want to be tall and slender, we must flee from hollow fabrics and wide garments. And to hide the belly, you must avoid that the visual perception is focused on it, using clothes and accessories that draw attention to other parts of your body.

The complements. They act as image captors and attract attention to other areas of the body that are not the abdomen. Necklaces, earrings, shoes … allow us to fantasize and enhance the body areas that we like the most. Glitters and rhinestones are best used from the waist up.

The belt. Avoid those that are too narrow or too wide, ideally between 2 and 4 cm. It is better that you place sideways and opt for flat buckles of rounded lines.

The colors. They are good allies to stylize the figure. To hide the abdominal area it is better to dress in shades of the same intensity, leaving the darker colors for the part of the belly.

Swimsuits and pareos. You must ensure that the size is adequate to avoid excessive pressure of the garment on the skin. In bikinis, encourage yourself to try striking bras. In swimsuits, a dark strip in the central area combined with the white side areas will make you look thinner. On the other hand, the key in the pareos is to place them in the appropriate position: sideways and tied with their tape to enhance the natural fall of the tissue.


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