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Best Make The ‘App’ Of Bbva, The Best Mobile Banking In Europe According To Forrester You Will Read This Year

Best Make The ‘App’ Of Bbva, The Best Mobile Banking In Europe According To Forrester You Will Read This Year

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by October 14, 2019 Technology

Bbva The Best Mobile Banking The firm has examined the’ apps’ of ten leading entities in France, Italy, Holland, Poland, Turkey and Spain, both in functionality & user experience

Bbva The Best Mobile Banking In Europe According To Forrester

Bbva The Best Mobile Banking In Europe According To Forrester

The’ app’ of BBVA has been realized as probably the best mobile banking in Europe. Based on the study’ The Forrester Banking Wave: European Mobile Apps – Q2 2018′, the entity is actually at the cutting edge of the distinction with a score of 87/100, by “combining extraordinary performance with the very best pc user experience”. It’s the third consecutive year which will get the very first position.

Forrester has examined the mobile banking uses of the primary financial institutions of the continent and Garanti, the Turkish bank account of BBVA, ranks next in the rank. Last year BBVA received probably the highest score in the evaluation of the very same consultant.

The firm starts from watching the’ apps’ of ten leading banks in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and Spain, each in features and in user experience. The BBVA (iOS and Android) hasn’t only raised the score of its in each variables in relation to the 2018 article, but has additionally achieved probably the highest score (hundred points) in function.

The BBVA program has also achieved probably the highest score in’ login’ expertise – among that is actually access through biometrics, ultrasound fingerprint, iris, etc. -, protection alerts, transfers, tools’ do it yourself’, providers with remote or face-to-face help and’ marketing’ and product sales.

On the flip side, Forrester has positioned BBVA Bconomy as among the very best features, providing the client a perspective of the financial situation based on their very own data as well as proposing a personalized action program to make it better. This performance was already distinguished year that is last in this exact same article and presently has 2.1 million month users.

For Javier García Cascajero, head of Mobile Experience at BBVA Spain, “the key is actually the way in which of working, as well as getting a defined strategy. Our emphasis is actually the prospect, and we put it at the middle of all the activity of ours. This means that we always think in improving the resources and functionalities that we place at the service of yours and launching new solutions that adapt to your desires “.

The ‘App’ Of Bbva, The Best Mobile Banking In Europe According To Forrester Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why

And most of this, “with an’ agile’ job methodology that the consultant has additionally appreciated and with multidisciplinary teams which make quarterly deliveries to place probably the largest selection of products in the hands of buyers. The prize for the best’ app’ isn’t only recognition, also a means to continue improving to present the very best experience to our customers. ”

In similar terms, Sofía Rodríguez-Sahagún, Director of Transformation of BBVA Spain, expresses herself for whom “Forrester has rewarded our strategy, our effort to put in the hands of customers tools that allow them to perform all the steps from the’app’ of a comfortable and simple way, and the functionalities provided by the management of their finances “.

Naturally, “although we’ve received a great score, we’ve space for improvement,” Garcia Cascajero insists. “Customers are more and more asking for and we are going to be there to shock them and respond to the latest requirements of theirs in a personalized manner. Our objective is usually to continue to offer them a rich experience, going beyond the monetary requirements of theirs, helping them make more effective choices at crucial times. of their life”.


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