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Australian Tennis Players Domination

Australian Tennis Players Domination

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by April 25, 2020 Sports

Australian Tennis Players is synonymous with greatness. To the entire month that he has at the disposal of this sport and that we enjoy at dawn every summer, the history of its players is added, who are undoubtedly among the greats of white sport.

Australian Tennis Players Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your

Australian Tennis Players Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your

To Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, and Ken Rosewall, we can add John Newcome, Tony Roche and if we follow Pat Cash, Peter McNamara in time. Surely others already remember Patrick Rafter, Mark Phillipousis and of course the great Lleyton Hewitt. In short, a rich history of players in the Open Era and a little earlier as well.

But like other great powers on the circuit (USA) Australia has also lowered its level in men’s tennis. Since 2005 a player does not finish top ten at the end of the year, so it is 12 years of drought. Something practically unforgivable for a power that has a Grand Slam, several tournaments, history and an almost unmatched infrastructure.

As stated, Lleyton Hewitt was the last Australian number one, also the last relevant player to reach his potential as a tennis player. The Adelaide shark with its baseline game and an overwhelming attitude dominated world tennis in 2001 and 2002. Very distant from the attitude that new generations have now.

Bernard Tomic was the youngest tennis player to win the Junior Australian Open (he also won the US Open Junior), winning it at just 15 years old. In 2009, after a year of his young title, he won his first Grand Slam match on the professional circuit, beating Potito Starace in four sets.

Tomic is an updated prototype player. Large size-1.93 m-, excellent mobility despite its size and in this case a great two-handed backhand that hammers on its rivals at ease.

After a few years of adaptation to the professional circuit, only in 2011 would flashes appear. Wimbledon 2011 was his cover letter with a quarterfinal. Including a top ten victory for the first time. It would be the remembered Robin Soderling.

But in 2012 a series of incidents would begin that began to show the true face of Bernard Tomic. Problems with the police in Australia, confrontations with his father / coach in Indian Wells and the delivery of the last set against Andy Roddick at the Us Open of the same year began to show an unprofessional attitude for the Stuttgart-born.

What Everyone Is Saying About Australian Tennis Players Is Dead Wrong And Why

In 2013, the situation would not improve, although it was not his fault. Her father broke her sparring nose in the Madrid tournament. The strong temperament of this former taxi driver, is something that was known but exceeded all limits when hitting Thomas Drouet, Sparring for the brick dust tour of that year, who had been working with Tomic in those tournaments. The Frenchman, with a broken partition and bandages on his face, declared that he had been mistreated the entire month that he had been working. Naturally, after the required fine, John Tomic was banned from returning as a tennis coach to any tournament for life.

Only in 2015 would you get to see the best of the Australian. He defended his title in Bogotá and one season very regularly gave him the best ranking of his career, 18th place. He stated, “It has probably been the most regular season of my career.” But in 2016, the problems reappeared. At the 2016 Us Open, he insulted a fan who was on the rostrum. Tomic apologized, but his image was already stained. His ranking began to drop.

In 2017 his year could not have been worse. With 11 first rounds, Tomic even had the “luxury” of saying he was bored with tennis. It was after her three-set loss to Mischa Zverev at Wimbledon. The statements earned him a fine and his racquet sponsor dissolved their relationship. With these results, Tomic dropped to 144th place and today he is out of the Australian Open, unless invited by the Australian federation.

The other new exponent but no less problematic is Nick Kyrgios (G is not pronounced, his last name is of Greek origin) a very powerful player from the service and who can take shots from all sides. Without a doubt, he is a player who, if he gets more serious, can even reach number one.

In 2013, after winning the Australian Open in Junior and Wimbledon with Thanasi Kokkinakis, he became number one in the world in youth. His jump to pro was undoubtedly at the 2014 British Open where he reached the quarterfinals previously eliminating Rafael Nadal in four sets and with a whopping 37 aces.

The Gun as he is known in his native Australia soon had trouble on the courts. It was in 2015 that in a match in Cincinatti against Stanislas Wawrinka he would commit one of the worst possible acts. He misguidedly and cunningly insulted the Swiss’s girlfriend, accusing her of having relations with his doubles partner Kokkinakis. Which earned him a public disapproval and a fine by the ATP.

In 2016 he had his best year, near the top ten he won three ATP titles (Marseille, Atlanta and Tokyo), although he did not play in the Olympics due to differences with the Australian Tennis Association.

Kyrgios, played basketball and tennis until he was 14 years old. At 193 cm tall he has the aptitude to play the sport of the basket but his parents pressured him to go for the white sport (tennis). In part that explains his exasperating moments of indifference on the tennis courts.

Talented like few others, he is able to beat the Swiss Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, but the next week he can throw everything to hell and lose in the first round to a player with much less talent.

His life outside the courts seemed to find stability, the tennis player whitewashed his relationship with the also tennis player Alja Tomljanovic via the social network Twitter. But he was “hunted” by the British paparazzi in mid-2017 with two young women, which led to the breakup of their relationship. After that episode on the social network instagram, he was seen regretting his breakup and despite good results in China and the United States, he also had relapses in his game, mainly letting himself win and retiring after a set against Jack Johnson in Shanghai.

In short, two great players, talented and even young (even more so by current tennis standards that the average age has grown a lot) that can give the great blow but that the media pressure, a certain comfort achieved by the money they obtained and certain errors that they are not able to remedy with the passage of time, it has limited them, more than anything else, it has frustrated them. For now they are a frustrated generation although that may change at any time.


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