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Arguments For Getting Rid Of Anonymous Hack Trump

Arguments For Getting Rid Of Anonymous Hack Trump

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by June 3, 2020 Technology

Anonymous Hack Trump While Anonymous is in the middle of one of its biggest upsurges, Anonymous hackers have now released a password-stealing e-book which they claim is a collection of profiles of some of Donald Trump’s past mistresses. Of course, the identity of the woman named in the book is in doubt. As it is, several other women with unknown identities are mentioned.

Anonymous Hack Trump - The Six Figure Challenge

Anonymous Hack Trump – The Six Figure Challenge

One Anonymous hacker, however, claims that the e-book is fake and was just an elaborate hoax put together by him to get more attention for his cyber-terrorist group. He says he created the e-book with the intention of creating a viral internet sensation. “I was hoping to gain some notoriety, or at least enough to give Anonymous a name as the group behind this attack on Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign,” he told the press.

He further claims that Trump had been sexually obsessed with a Russian princess. According to the anonymous hacker, the material is based on his personal experiences dating back to the 1980s. He then goes on to discuss his theories about why Anonymous has targeted Trump and explains how he believes he knows why.

According to the hacker, Anonymous hacked into Trump’s e-mail account and changed some of his passwords. It is from there that the hacker claims the Anonymous hackers gained access to the e-book. The book, according to the hacker, is based on his personal experiences of dating prostitutes, and other assorted female criminals, as well as how they came to be involved with Donald Trump.

Anonymous Attack on Trump’s Secrets – Who is Anonymous Hacking?

What really went down between Trump and the hacker, the anonymous hacker says, is far more complicated than what he has made out to be. He also claims that Anonymous hacked into Trump’s e-mail account several times during the 2020 election cycle and planted viruses on his computer. And, he insists that they were not able to break into Trump’s server because he uses an encryption system.

Also according to the hacker, Anonymous was not actually responsible for the publication of the E-book. He claims that it was rather another member of Anonymous who put it online. He tells the press that it was initially written by a Canadian man who goes by the name of Ethan Ralph.

And, the email addresses and contact numbers in the book are the same ones that were published by the AnonSec hacker group, he claims. For instance, the number listed is the same as that of John Oliver, an author who has written several posts supporting Trump’s candidacy. The hackers say that they only went after Trump’s e-mail account because it had so much information, and they did not wish to get their hands on it.

They do not deny having the e-book because they say they never received any money from the hacker and only made off with it because they felt they had to do something about Trump. However, their statements are causing ripples within Anonymous itself, as it is clear that their tactics are starting to get more extreme.

There are many signs that the Anonymous hackers are becoming more political, even going so far as to release a manifesto of sorts. The hacker called on his fellow hackers to stop targeting politicians but instead to follow the examples set by the Amish and attack corporate America, citing recent high-profile corporate hacks such as that of Sony.

But, the real question is who exactly was the mysterious Canadian who wrote the Trump e-book, and is he a member of Anonymous? Has Anonymous now become an arm of the Amish community, attacking corporations that are too big to sue, or a group of cyber-terrorists who are out to steal someone else’s secret information and use it for their own advantage? Or, is this just another hoax, created for the rule, or laughs?

That remains to be seen, but the message is getting out: Anonymous hackers are no longer anonymous, and they are no longer known as Anonymous. This is not the same group of pranksters and cyber-terrorists that Anonymous once was, nor is it really a group at all, according to one of its members.

The answer may come out soon, whether Trump’s team is serious about facing Anonymous with new cyber weapons, or they’ll laugh it off. And continue the effort to make fun of Anonymous.


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